Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One poster is pure 80s Amblin Art

We're kind of going back and forth about whether or not we should be covering Steven Speilberg's new action-adventure flick READY PLAYER ONE here on AITH. After all, the film isn't horror and seems to be quite the opposite, in fact.

But that said when you put out a trailer for a film and it features not only Freddy Krueger, but Chucky, and CHRISTINE, and tons of other great shite, us horror fans and going to start keeping tabs on you and your movie.

Case in point, today we wanted to bring you guys the 80's nostalgic dripping poster for Steven Spielberg's READY PLAYER ONE. As you can see the film is really going for that early Amblin feel and I'm all for that considering I love me some THE GOONIES and BACK TO THE FUTURE.

What do you think of this new poster and do you think we should be covering READY PLAYER ONE here on AITH? Let us know below.


In the near future, outcast teenager Wade Watts escapes from his bleak surroundings by logging in to the OASIS, a globally networked virtual utopia where users can lead idyllic alternate lives. When the eccentric billionaire who created the OASIS dies, he offers up his vast fortune as the prize in an elaborate treasure hunt. Along with gamers from around the world, Wade joins the adventure, and quickly finds himself pitted against powerful corporate foes and other ruthless competitors who will do anything, in the oasis or the real world, to reach the treasure first.

The film is directed by Steven Spielberg from a script by Zak Penn and Ernest Cline based on the novel by Cline. The film stars Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn, Simon Pegg, Mark Rylance, T.J. Miller, Hannah John-Kamen, and Letitia Wright.

READY PLAYER ONE reaches theatres on March 30, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: If Freddy and/or Chucky drives Christine and/or The Time Machine I may die instantly.
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