Steven Williams aka The Duke in Jason Goes to Hell is in Stephen King's IT?

I was looking through the IMDb for the upcoming adaptation of STEPHEN KING'S IT this past weekend because, hell, weren't we all? And I came across this awesome bit of news I had not yet heard.

Steven Williams aka Creighton Duke from JASON GOES TO HELL is in IT!

Turns out, as you can see in the image above, that The Duke will be playing the father of Mike Hanlon, played by Chosen Jacobs. This is very cool news as Mike's dad, named "Will" in the novel, but "Leroy" in this new adaptation for some reason...,  is a pretty big part of Mike's story (Duh.). 

If they keep the "fire at The Black Spot" section of the book, we would get to see Williams battle a raging inferno alongside Dick Halloran from THE SHINING!

But that was all in the novel. That scene has not yet been confirmed for the new film. Just putting that out there. Here is the IT trailer if you haven't-- Hahaha-- if you haven't seen it yet. Hahaha.

STEPHEN KINGS IT: PART I hits theaters September 8th.

"Now, Sheriff, she's only your woman because she ain't had a taste of The Duke yet."

Extra Tidbit: Seriously, why did they change his name from Will to Leroy?



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