SyFy snatches up Day 38, supernatural found-footage disaster flick

All you SyFy junkies take note...a new storm-front is closing in...

Variety is reporting that the SyFy channel has just snatched up a supernatural found-footage disaster flick called DAY 38. No director has yet been attached, nor have any actors, but given SyFy's expedient work clip, you can expect names to pour in soon enough. If I may, I nominate SyFy legend Paul Logan, who utterly impressed in MEGA PIRANHA. If he lands a gig in DAY 38 I know more than a few of us here at AITH/JoBlo will be f*ckin' stoooooooked!

Written by Gabe Scott and Chris Rossi: DAY 38 is told from the point of view of a group of stormchasers who face a Category 5 tornado and find themselves fighting off a force even greater than Mother Nature.

Sounds like a cheesy good time to me, TWISTER style. I like the supernatural angle tossed into an otherwise natural disaster genre...we shall see how it all plays out.

Marianthi Evans, star of SyFy's upcoming GRETL

Extra Tidbit: Straight up, what's your all time SyFy original?
Source: Variety



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