Sylvester Stallone still intends to get Edgar Allan Poe biopic made

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It has been fourteen years since it was announced that Sylvester Stallone would be writing and directing POE, a biopic about the life of author Edgar Allan Poe, the man who gave us some all-time horror classics during his short life. Production was supposed to begin in the fall of 2005, but obviously that didn't happen. Stallone would continue to mention POE here and there over the years, and has recently done so once again.

In a video shared to his Instagram account earlier this month, Stallone revealed that he is currently working on a fresh revision of the POE script. For him, this isn't just a project that fell apart fourteen years ago, this is something he has been pursuing for his entire career. He has been working on the script since the '70s, it was the first serious screenplay writing he ever did, and he's still hoping to get the movie made. It has been a long journey, and in the video he says:

I would hate myself if I didn't continue it, at least to the best of my ability, and try to see it actually come to fruition. To be able to go out there and say, 'I accomplished it. It may have taken 45 or 50 years, but it's done.'"

He sums it all up by quoting Poe himself: 

I promise to take life by the throat and I shall not let go until I succeed."

I hope Stallone will be able to bring POE to the screen someday soon.


It’s a long road to reach your goals but it’s definitely worth the journey…

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