The 23 Jump Street/Men in Black crossover is a go

Rumors of a crossover between the 21 JUMP STREET sequel 23 JUMP STREET and the MEN IN BLACK franchise have been floating around since the Sony hack back in 2014, but they were reasonably overshadowed by the INTERVIEW/North Korea debacle. Also, it was hard to believe that an idea so insane could possibly make it out of Production Hell.

That was then. This is now. Although JUMP STREET directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have their hands full with a Han Solo project for Disney, director James Bobin is in early talks to helm the crossover, which is potentially slated to begin production in June. The flick hasn't received the official greenlight yet, but it's moving forward at an alarmingly convincing pace, with reports of screenwriter Rodney Rothman (22 JUMP STREET, David Letterman) already turning in a well-received draft.

Honestly, Bobin would be a terrific choice to replace the hitmakers Lord and Miller. He is probably best known as a director of the beloved cult show Flight of the Conchords, but he also helmed 2011's THE MUPPETS and its sequel, two extremely solid examples of fun revival cinema. His next project, ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, isn't quite so exciting, but let's not count our chickens before they premiere.

In casting news, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are set to reprise their JUMP STREET roles of Schmidt and Jenko. So far, neither Will Smith nor Tommy Lee Jones are set to put their MEN IN BLACK characters to work, which is disappointing. A reboot of the MIB universe in the midst of this crossover rigmarole might get confusing, but it's hard not to remain excited, or at least in awe of such a deranged concept being given the time of day.

More news on the 23 JUMP STREET/MEN IN BLACK crossover as it breaks!

So much for the promised sequel...
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