The Alone in the Ghost House footage will be found in August

The last two times we've reported on the works of filmmaker Henrique Couto, holidays were somehow involved - his movie SCAREWAVES was released on DVD just before last Halloween, and in December he made the holiday horror short CHRISTMAS PRESENCE. Couto is so prolific, though (he has made ten features in the last four years), that he can't be expected to just stick with holiday releases.

Couto's next film to reach DVD and digital streaming will be the found footage fright flick ALONE IN THE GHOST HOUSE, which Camp Motion Pictures will be releasing on August 9th.

The plot description for the film, which was written by Couto and John Oak Dalton, goes like this: 

They dared to stay the night in the most haunted house in America.
Not content with her 15 minutes of fame, Reality TV star Lana and her husband begin production on a new reality series aimed at disproving the paranormal.  Setting off on a haunted house road trip, they taunt spirits at each stop until they arrive at The Devil’s Commune, a house mired in tragedy and violence, and considered the most haunted house in America.  What they find there will exceed their greatest nightmares.

Joni Durian, Erin R. Ryan, Adam Clevenger, John Bradley Hambrick, Iabou Windimere, and Couto himself star.

Special features on the DVD release will include

- Audio commentary with director Henrique Couto

- "Silent Dead" short film

- Sneak Preview of "Making Out" (a Couto romantic comedy)

- Trailers

If you need to be sold on it, the trailer for ALONE IN THE GHOST HOUSE can be viewed below. Having been sold at "Henrique Couto", I will definitely be picking up a copy of this and adding it to my collection. The DVD is already available for pre-order at AlternativeCinema.com.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching ALONE IN THE GHOST HOUSE?



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