The Crow remake's wings clipped by studio bankruptcy

Yesterday, Relativity Media filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, putting the fates of the films the studio has in development and awaiting release into question. One of those films is the long-gestating remake of THE CROW, which has seen many potential directors and stars come and go over the years.

Although Jack Huston recently became the latest actor to drop out of the lead role of resurrected-for-revenge Eric Draven, the film remained on course to start filming soon with Corin Hardy at the helm and Andrea Riseborough (pictured below) as the villainous Top Dollar. THE CROW was set to be the first movie shot at Pinewood's Cardiff facility, where it has been in pre-production for months. With the studio's bankruptcy filing, pre-production has now been suspended.

THE CROW's crew have vacated the Cardiff premises and staff there are waiting to hear an update on the production schedule.

Relativity has been assuring the trades that they still intend to move forward with THE CROW, but this is an unfortunate setback on a project that has already been quite drawn out and troubled.

I would rather see the CROW franchise carry on with stories of different characters instead of a re-telling of Eric Draven's story (I'd be hyped to watch Andrea Riseborough play a female Crow), but I'm keeping an optimistic, open mind about the remake. I'm sure it will be made and released eventually, even if this suspension causes another change of players.

Extra Tidbit: Do you have any hope for this remake?
Source: ScreenDaily



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