The final entry in the 8 Films to Die For lineup is Wind Walkers

Over the last month, After Dark Films has been announcing the films in the lineup of their 8 Films to Die For revival one-by-one, and we now know what all eight of them will be.

Joining the zombie movie RE-KILL, experimental thriller MURDER IN THE DARK, possession story THE WICKED WITHIN, killer bear movie UNNATURAL, and slashers LUMBERJACK MAN, SUSPENSION, and BASTARD are the Native American horrors of writer/director Russell Friedenberg's WIND WALKERS.


A U.S. solider returns home from captivity to find that his best friend and fellow former POW has gone AWOL. While out on an annual hunting trip with his friend’s father and some extended family, their group comes under attack by an ancient Native American curse that has mysterious connections to his best friend's heritage and the prison in which they were once held captive.

Sounds quite interesting, and it completes what looks to me to be a very solid lineup of films, perhaps the most promising batch of 8 Films to Die For that After Dark Films has ever had.

WIND WALKERS stars Phil Burke, Kiowa Gordon, Zane Holtz, Christopher Kriesa, Castille Landon, Glen Powell Jr., and Friedenberg himself. It and the other seven Films to Die For will be in theatres on October 16th.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be attending this year's 8 Films to Die For?



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