The Kill Counter - Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch (Video)

Gremlins Joe Dante

Among my favorite things that can be found on the JoBlo Movie Network's YouTube channels is the Kill Counter series, which is a series of videos that do exactly as the title describes: they count out all of the kills that can be seen in certain films. In recent months, Kill Counter videos have counted the kills in films like the JAWS quadrilogy, the CHILD'S PLAY franchise, PREDATOR, the ALIEN quadrilogy, THE MUMMY 1999, the IT mini-series, the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE franchise, and JEEPERS CREEPERS 1 & 2.

To celebrate the holiday season, the latest Kill Counter video revisits the 1984 Christmas classic GREMLINS to tally up the mayhem - and as a bonus, it also counts the kills that can be found in the 1990 sequel GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH.

There's something that's a lot of fun about seeing all of the kills from a feature film (or from a series of features) packed into one short clip, so set aside 12 minutes today to watch the video below and take in all of the kills from GREMLINS 1 and 2.

How many kills do you think are in these two films? (Yes, the deaths of gremlins are included.)

Extra Tidbit: Which do you prefer: GREMLINS or GREMLINS 2?



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