Every kill in the Jaws Quadrilogy

It's summer time and you know what that means! Staying as far away from the f*cking water as possible. Yes, while friends and family flock in droves to the beach, we hide behind our sofas and pray for their well-being.

Maybe some of us have the guts to go along with them - after all, that beer ain't gonna drink itself on the beach. And, hell, maybe even some of us will wade out into the surf and pretend we aren't sweating bullets and peeing our pants right under the water's rim. 

But we all know the truth. There is 100% a huge-gantic shark watching us from under the deep at all times. Only we can hear the music so we'll know when it's coming.

This is because we have all seen JAWS.

Like, a lot of times. Possibly more than any other film. Other than ALIEN and TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE that is. But there is about as good a chance of any of us visiting the rural areas of Texas as there is us visiting f*cking space, so we're all good there.

But friends and family make us go to the beach. So here we are. And what better way to ring in the days of summer than checking out EVERY KILL from the entire JAWS QUADRILOGY. Sounds like fun to me! So let's hit the seas from the safety of our phones and computers and watch other people get eaten to death by sharks. God, I love summer.

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Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite kill from the JAWS series?
Source: JoBlo YouTube



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