The Raid remake coming from Joe Carnahan & Frank Grillo

XYZFilms took to Twitter today and posted a video of Frank Grillo and Joe Carnahan chillin' on the couch watching THE RAID. The two talk about how a "re-imagining" might be fun, and then they agree to work on it together. Fun video.

Anyhow this seems to be an official announcement on XYZFilms' part that the two will be collaborating on a remake, re-imagining, what the hell ever of THE RAID.

This is scary news in that THE RAID doesn't not need a remake, and that there (kinda) already was a "sc-fi re-do of the premise in Alex Garland's amazingly violent action flick DREDD.

I fuc*ing loved DREDD by the way.

So are you excited about the idea of seeing a Joe Carnahan directed, Frank Grillo starring THE RAID remake? I can live with it. After all the original is still up on my shelf and no one can touch that so... bring it on. Sure. Why not.

I only wonder what this means for Carnahan's BAD BOYS 3...

Extra Tidbit: My favorite Joe Carnahan flick is THE GREY
Source: Twitter



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