Bad Boys 3 scores a fresh title and later release date

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You'd have thought Sony Pictures might have saved the title BAD BOYS FOR LIFE for the fourth flick in the BAD BOYS series, because how could they not? What a perfect opportunity that would have been for some spot-on titling. But it appears the studio is putting all their eggs in the basket of the third BAD BOYS movie which has now taken on the aforementioned name in what I'd venture to guess will be the last picture in the franchise. After all, I'm surprised they managed to get Will Smith to come back for a third go-'round at this point, so a fourth? That'd be pushing it. 

But that's not the only news on the Joe Carnahan-directed sequel with Sony also taking BAD BOYS FOR LIFE out of the summer blockbuster season - probably a good idea, given how poorly films have been performing one after another this year during the summer months. Instead of June 2, 2017, Sony has shifted the sequel back a number of months to January 12, 2018

I'm well aware the January release date doesn't look all that promising, given the dumping ground the first month of the year has been typically for studios after holiday/awards season... but let's not forget. January led both RIDE ALONG movies to big business for Universal, and another BAD BOYS movie is cut from that similar cloth. In that respect, this may be a smart move for Sony to get BAD BOYS FOR LIFE away from the summer bloodpath and into a much more open area where they can rake in some bucks at the box office. 




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