Universal and Amblin tap the Lincoln Lawyer’s Manuel Garcia-Rulfo to help lead its new Jurassic World movie

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo leads his biggest film by joining Scarlett Johansson for the latest Jurassic World film from Universal and Amblin.

Jurassic World, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo

Move over, Chris Pratt. The Lincoln Lawyer actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo is a new leading man for Universal and Amblin’s latest Jurassic World movie. The next chapter in Universal’s dinosaur-run amock franchise already stars Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Bailey, and Gareth Edwards (The CreatorMonstersRogue One: A Star Wars Story) is directing. Dinosaurs will rule the world again on July 2, 2025, when the film stomps into cinemas.

Edwards’s Jurassic World movie is a fresh start for the beloved franchise, with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard not expected to return. The next installment also leaves the original trilogy’s stars, Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum, in the rearview. David Koepp, who wrote Jurassic Park and The Lost WorldJurassic Park, is penning the screenplay. Other stars rumored to be up for roles are Dev Patel (Monkey Man) and Colman Domingo (Fear the Walking Dead), though nothing is confirmed.

While plot details remain a mystery, it’s worth noting that Jurassic World: Dominion ends with the dinosaurs escaping their island sanctuary to live among the humans. Edwards’s Jurassic World movie could pick up where Dominion left off, but would that be a “new Jurassic era?”

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo is a star on the silver screen, having played roles in movies like Murder on the Orient ExpressA Man Called OttoWidows, and The Magnificent Seven. Still, Edwards’s Jurassic World movie would be his most significant theatrical role. On the television side of the entertainment spectrum, Garcia-Rulfo led the TV series The Lincoln Lawyer as Mickey Haller. In The Lincoln Lawyer, Haller runs his law practice out of his Lincoln, and he’s ready to hit the gas. Moving through Los Angeles, he takes cases while balancing a private life, including being a father and having two ex-wives.

Where should Universal and Amblin Entertainment take the Jurassic World franchise next? Would you be okay with this being a fresh start instead of a continuation of the sequel trilogy? Do you think Gareth Edwards is a great director for this project? What dinosaurs do you want to see in the next installment? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Deadline

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