The Shelter IndieGoGo campaign is live, The Arrow's final words!

And it's done! My first trek into crowd-funding land is now out there!  I hope that you'll support THE SHELTER and help me make my passion project (and feature lenght directorial horror debut) come through. If you want to know more about my journey to get this point, read last week’s article HERE. And I’m not going to re-iterate all the details of the actual production since you can find them all HERE. Moreover, the official press release (that went wide today) is pasted below.  

Now, there are many ways to support the campaign; even 5 bucks makes a difference, as the more people contribute, the more your campain gets boosted up in the ranks, hence you get further eyeballs on it. If you can't donate, I encourage you to share the campaign on your Twitter or Facebook! We want to make this movie people, for us and for you!

So there ya have it boys and ghouls! I thank everyone for their ongoing support over the years and I'm not just saying that cause it f*cking sounds good. To my friends who backed me up in terms of all the projects I've taken on, to my family that put up with my starving artist way of life and to you, the AITH readers who have stuck by the site through thick and thin, THANK YOU! I'd drink to you all but it's 9AM... then again...just kidding ;) Onward and and forward! Own the day y'all! Lets see what happens!


In the year 2000, John Fallon founded the horror website Arrowinthehead.com which at the time was one of the first of its kind. Ultimately the site helped pioneer online horror reviewing and news reporting and garnered a massive following within the horror community including many popular horror filmmakers like James Wan, Eli Roth, Darren Bousman, Eric Red, Patrick Lussier, Mick Garris and Monster Man director Michael Davis who once said that “John shouldn’t be writing about movies, he should be making them!”

On top of that, John has acted in a myriad of horror films (Saw 2, Alone in the Dark, 100 Feet, Dead Shadows), has 6 produced feature-length screenplays under his belt (Deaden, Billy Trigger, American Muscle) and directed the award-winning horror short The Red Hours.

Today, Bruise Productions and Bigfoot Productions announce the launch of their IndieGoGo campaign to help fund John Fallon’s feature-length directorial debut entitled The Shelter. Fallon also wrote the screenplay and will be producing the picture alongside long-time producing partner Donny Broussard and executive producer/actor Michael Pare (The Lincoln Lawyer, Eddie and the Cruisers) who will also be the lead in the film. VFX wiz Thomas Wilson (James Wan’s The Conjuring, Insidious: Chapter 2) will be handling the visual effects for the film.

Here are Pare’s thoughts on the project: "The Shelter tells a great and painful tragedy. Not about global disaster or war or economic collapse but of the individual human heart. The human heart and soul is what all art seeks to unravel. Guilt, regret and shame kill the heart and soul. When our lower animal nature dominates our character our soul is lost."

And here are John Fallon’s thoughts on his feature debut: “The Shelter will present you with an eyeful in terms of striking imagery. It will scare the pants out of you as much as it will make you think and move you. This project is the most personal one that I’ve ever written, is unlike anything I’ve done in the past and I believe it is my best work thus far. It’s my passion project to say the least.”

Through IndieGoGo, fans can contribute funds towards helping The Shelter reach principal photography and contributors may receive an executive producer credit, be part of the actual production or partake in the wrap-party with cast and crew amongst other cool prizes! The IndieGoGo page and all that it has to offer can be found at:

Synopsis: On a star filled night, widower and homeless man Thomas (Michael Pare) finds shelter for the night when he falls upon a vast two story house with the lights on and an inviting open front door. He strolls on in thinking he just caught a lucky break and for a while, it would appear as though he did. But soon enough, he realizes that the house won’t let him leave, as its doors are all locked while its windows cannot be opened or broken. Destiny has brought Thomas to this place. What does it want from him? Will he survive the ordeal? 

Visit the IndieGoGo campaign here: http://igg.me/at/the-shelter/x/4477147
Visit its Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/thesheltermovie

For more information, contact: Bruise Productions Inc. ( [email protected] )

Extra Tidbit: Our very own Paul Shirey (now JoBlo.com editor in chief) created the poster from my design. The man's got skills!



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