The Walking Dead character posters are all about that cliffhanger

AMC The Walking Dead

AMC is really relishing the fact that they have The Walking Dead viewers waiting on the edges of their seats to find out how the cliffhanger ending of the season six finale is resolved in the season seven premiere.

As you likely know, season six ended with the introduction of the villainous Negan, who had eleven characters on their knees in front of him. Determined to kill one of them to make a point, Negan used the "eeny, meeny, miny, moe" rhyme to make his choice and then proceeded to beat the chosen person to death with his barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat called Lucille. But viewers weren't shown who Negan picked, with the powers that be behind the show choosing to make them wait the seven months between seasons to find out.

Newly released character posters promoting The Walking Dead's October return are focused entirely on the people Negan had lined up before him, Lucille looming in the frame beside their heads.

They're sure having fun with this. Three months to go before we find out who Negan and Lucille have removed from the show.

Extra Tidbit: Who do you think was killed?
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