The Walking Dead is bringing Jesus to the small screen; plus S6 synopsis!


While we wait to see if that dastardly bastard Negan is indeed making his way to Alexandria (c'mon, we know he is), there's some solid casting news coming from The Walking Dead camp today. THR reports Tom Payne has been hired to tackle the role of Paul "Jesus" Monroe in the series.

Jesus is currently a crucial character in The Walking Dead comics. First introduced in issue 91, "Jesus is a resident at the Alexandria Safe-Zone who moved to the community from another group called the Hilltop Colony. As THR puts it, the character is "a rare logical man and skilled adviser with a strong sense of morals and values who is well-adapted to the new world."

According to The Walking Dead Wiki, Monroe's "a highly rational, logical, and thoughtful man with a knack for advising. He values justice and fairness greatly, believing that one should not criticize others for doing things they would not have done themselves."

We'll start the countdown to Jesus' arrival when The Walking Dead premieres on October 11th.

Meanwhile, we have the synopsis for the Season 6 premiere episode, titled First Time Again:

Rick and the group are still having trouble assimilating into Alexandria. Will a new threat bring them closer together or drive them further apart?

Paul Monroe and Rick Grimes

Source: THR



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