The Walking Dead just scored it's lowest ratings ever

I make it no secret that I stopped watching AMC's adaptation of Robert Kirkman's THE WALKING DEAD after season two. After they (SPOILER ALERT?) killed off Shane and gave showrunner and cinema master Frank Darabont the undead boot, I threw my hands up and walked away, hoping Andrea or Rick's wife didn't accidentally shoot me in the back. But here we are, however many years later, and the show has gone from a super-powered juggernaut to... something not so much.

In fact, this week's episode of THE WALKING DEAD was the lowest rated episode EVER for the series. The 4.5 million total viewers were so bad in fact, that they rang up less than the SECOND EPISODE EVER "Guts" (you 'member...see above) which snagged 4.7 million viewers back in November of 2010. Ouch. Needless to say, this is all a massive drop from the 17.2 million people who tuned into the show's highest rated episode, season 5's premiere episode "No Sanctuary" directed by Greg Nicotero from a screenplay written by Scott M. Gimple back in October of 2014.    

While the series is still the top cable show it has taken a hard fall in its past two seasons. Ratings are down 40 percent for season nine versus season eight. Season 9 versus season seven is even worse, as the decline is more than half its audience with 60%. That said, the show has already been given the green light for a tenth season... just don't be surprised if it's one of the last. Oh, well. So sad. Guess you should #BringBackDarabount

Here's the synopsis for this past week's episode Season 9, Episode 10 - Omega:

The Whisperers move in on Hilltop while the leader's daughter gives information on her history.

This latest episode was directed by David Boyd from a screenplay written by Channing Powell and starred Samantha Morton. The show airs on AMC Sunday nights at 9pm Eastern. Are you still watching AMC's THE WALKING DEAD? If not, when did you give up? Let us know below!

Corey Taylor, is that you?

Source: THR



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