This Attack on Titan miniseries trailer is anything but mini

Toho's two-part live-action film adaptation of the ATTACK ON TITAN anime is primed to rampage through the country later this year on August 8th and September 19th, but this is Japan we're talking about. They abhor working in a vacuum. In addition to the films, they're also releasing a three-part miniseries, entitled Attack on Titan: Beacon for Counterattack. The series will features characters from the films, focusing on:

Zoë Hange and her research of the Titans, as well as how the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment was created.

You can check out the trailer for the new series (which looks just as massively fun as the films) below. Unfortunately, the video isn't subtitled, but you get the picture. Literally. And for those who are just catching up, the original anime that all this is based on is currently streaming on Netflix, so there's no excuses not to watch it. Borrow someone's password. It's awesome.

The miniseries, starring Satomi Ishihara and Yuta Hiraoka, will premiere on the online video steaming service dTV on August 15, 2015.

Extra Tidbit: Which permutation of Attack on Titan are you most excited for?
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