Thomas Jane and Jessica Alba pull back The Veil on February 2

It's been a couple years since we last heard any news about the Blumhouse production THE VEIL, but now the best movie news of all has made its way online: a release date. Universal will be releasing THE VEIL onto VOD in just a few weeks, on February 2nd.

Taking its cues from the stunningly awful real world story of cult leader Jim Jones, this supernatural mystery/thriller 

takes place 25 years after a mass suicide conducted by a charismatic cult leader (Thomas Jane) and follows the lone survivor (Lily Rabe) who goes with a director (Jessica Alba) and her documentary crew to find out what really happened that day. What they discover goes beyond cult behavior and delves into the supernatural.

Phil Joanou, best known to me as the director of the awesome '80s teen comedy THREE O'CLOCK HIGH, directed the film, reuniting with Thomas Jane, who he previously worked with on the "bootleg" Punisher short DIRTY LAUNDRY. The State member and JESSABELLE writer Robert Ben Garant wrote the screenplay.

Our pals over at Collider got an exclusive look at the film's trailer, which has been embedded below. It appears that this one will be a nicely dark and creepy experience.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching THE VEIL?
Source: Collider



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