Trailer: Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word is a curse that brings death

Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word Simon Rumley

An "unsettling thriller" from director Simon Rumley, JOHNNY FRANK GARRETT'S LAST WORD is scheduled to hit VOD on March 14, 2017, courtesy of Momentum Pictures. With the release just over a month away, a trailer for the film has been released online and can be seen below.

Written by Tony Giglio, Ben Ketai, and Marc Haimes, JOHNNY FRANK GARRETT'S LAST WORD is rooted in a true story that began when 

a nun was murdered in her convent bedroom in Amarillo, Texas on Halloween 1981. The police arrested a young man, Johnny Frank Garrett, who always maintained his innocence but he was found guilty and sentenced to death. On the night of his execution, he wrote a curse letter condemning the people and their families who helped send him to his demise. Shortly after Garrett's death, members of the community start mysteriously dying. One of the jurors takes it upon himself to break the curse when his son is suddenly struck with a life-threatening illness.

Mike Doyle, Sean Patrick Flanery, Erin Cummings, and Devin Bonnée star.

I had never heard of the story of Johnny Frank Garrett before, but a couple quick Google searches have confirmed not only that a man with that name was executed for the murder of a nun in Texas, but also that several people involved with the case were struck by tragedy and illness soon after. I'm interested in seeing how Rumley has brought this story to the screen, because it definitely sounds like one worth delving into.

Rumley's previous credits include 2010's RED, WHITE & BLUE and the "P is for Pressure" segment of THE ABCs OF DEATH.

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