Trailer: Madison Lintz stirs up a demon in Along Came the Devil

Along Came the Devil

Madison Lintz has dealt with zombies before, having played little Sophia Peletier on AMC's The Walking Dead. Things didn't go very well for Sophia. Years later, Lintz is now facing a different sort of horror with her role in director Jason DeVan's ALONG CAME THE DEVIL, which will be reaching theatres, VOD, and Digital HD on August 10th.

Inspired by true events (and originally titled TELL ME YOUR NAME), ALONG CAME THE DEVIL was written by Jason DeVan, Heather DeVan, and Dylan Matlock. The story begins when 

Ashley (Sydney Sweeney) is sent to live with her estranged Aunt Tanya (Jessica Barth) . While in her old hometown she has visions of her deceased mom, driving her to contact the spirit world. Ashley unknowingly unearths a demonic force, which leaves her loved ones fighting for her soul. 

Also in the cast with the actors mentioned above are Matt Dallas, Bruce Davison, and Heather DeVan.

A trailer for ALONG CAME THE DEVIL has been released and can be seen below. It doesn't have a lot to show, but there are some dark supernatural scenes, critical accolades, and the claim that the film is "an exorcism movie for a new generation"... which seems sort of odd, because there are a ton of exorcism movies coming out all the time.

Check out the trailer and see if ALONG CAME THE DEVIL is a movie you'd like to watch next month:

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