Two new images bleed out from the Inside remake

Inside remake

A remake of the extreme French horror flick INSIDE is such a tremendously ill-advised idea that only the presence of a cadré of talented Spanish filmmakers has prevented me from snapping my laptop over my knee every time there's news about it. Two new images have dripped from the flick, which is preparing to make its European premiere as the opening film of the Sitges Film Festival this week.

They don't show much of the waterfall of gore that is sure to erupt, but they're a good look at the actresses we'll be dealing with this time around. Check them out below!

Filmed in Barcelona by director Miguel Ángel Vivas from script by [REC] co-creator Jaume Balagueró with his [REC] 2 and 4 co-writer Manu Diez, INSIDE follows the story of the original film, which was written and directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury:

Pregnant and depressed, a young widow tries to rebuild her life following the fateful car accident where she lost her husband and partially lost her hearing. Now, about to go into labor, she’s living in a remote house in the suburbs when, one Christmas night, she receives an unexpected visit from another woman with a devastating objective: to rip the child she’s carrying from inside her. But a mother’s fury when it comes to protecting her child should never be underestimated.

Rachel Nichols plays the pregnant widow, with Laura Harring as the woman who wants to tear the baby from her womb.

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