Universal's The Mummy rises for a 2016 release

Universal has just announced a release date for their upcoming reboot of THE MUMMY as they have slated it to hit theaters on April 22, 2016. Dayum, that's a long time to wait for another reincarnation of the classic Universal monster—will it be worth it?

When news first hit that Universal was rebooting THE MUMMY yet again, I was actually kind of excited because PROMETHEUS scribe Jon Spaights, who's penning the script, said that he was aiming to explore the dark roots of the franchise. A new take on the original film sounded like a good idea, especially if it was going to focus more on the horror side of things. Now, as time has gone on it sounds more and more like they are abandoning the idea of making a horror flick, and are instead aiming for an action heavy film much like what Stephen Sommers gave us in 1999. Right now Universal is calling it an "epic action-adventure", which pretty much sums it up. We've already seen an action-adventure version of THE MUMMY—and somewhat recently too—so why not making something different?

The team bringing THE MUMMY back to life includes director Andy Muschietti (MAMA) and producers Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci (STAR TREK and TRANSFORMERS series) and Sean Daniel (THE MUMMY trilogy). Jon Spaihts wrote the screenplay, and Bobby Cohen and Barbara Muschietti will executive produce.

Rachel Weisz starred in 1999's THE MUMMY

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