Watch Mischa Barton as a terrified teacher in The Sibling trailer

Can you imagine Mischa Barton as your guidance counselor and Michael Clarke Duncan as your principal? Neither can I, although that wouldn't be such a bad place to do some learning. However, could be tough trying to accomplish long division when a psychopathic student is looking to carve up your face. That's the gist of THE SIBLING, a horror flick from director Matt Orlando and Archstone Entertainment. We've got the newly released trailer for you, which you can check out below.

Devon Sawa, Jonathan Michael Trautmann and Alanna Janell also star in the thriller. We first wrote about it in late 2010 and haven't heard much about since, so it's good - I suppose - to see that it hasn't disappeared. After all, we need all the Mischa barton we can get, am I right, guys? (*crickets*)

Let us know what you think of THE SIBLING in the comments section below. And don't hold back now!

Extra Tidbit: Mischa Barton is slowly becoming a Scream Queen. She's been in a host of B-movies these last few years.
Source: AITH



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