Watch Now: Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Hellraiser in Devil's Gold

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK meets HELLRAISER. I'm in! DEVIL'S GOLD is a terrifying new series set in war-torn Poland in the days after Hitler's death. Released on October 7th, DEVIL'S GOLD is a horror-action series featuring Nazis, monsters, demons, and treasure. Featuring an ensemble cast, fast action, unsettling horrors and good old-fashioned creepy storytelling that is guaranteed to leave you craving more; it's already being dubbed “Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Hellraiser”. Each episode lasts around 5 minutes and today you can check out episode one in all its gory glory below.

As the synopsis describes:

Devil’s Gold is a genre defining adventure horror following British Army Captain John Marston, who will ultimately choose the side of light or dark as he faces temptation and redemption. While posted in Poland, John and his unit embark on a covert mission just days after Hitler is declared dead. All the while, a mysterious storyteller weaves a tale of hidden gold in an underground compound situated beneath an undiscovered Death Camp in war-torn Poland.

Producer Simon Rawson:

We’ve set out to tell a creepy story, with plenty of blood, guts and explosions. This isn’t just horror for horror’s sake though, there’s an overarching mystery that will keep viewers guessing until the finale. With each episode, we want to tease the viewer enough to get drawn in, before keeping them dangling on one heck of a cliffhanger. There’s an esoteric mystery to uncover in Devil’s Gold. And chances are you’ll be questioning everything that happens once it’s over!

The entire series has been filmed and produced in Yorkshire, UK, by the up-and-coming production company, Altruism Pictures. DEVIL'S GOLD is out now, with episodes releasing weekly. The first episode starts the mystery with a mix of action and strange characters, and you can check it out below!

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