WB taps Barry Sonnenfeld to direct graphic novel Lore, starring Dwyane Johnson

Y'all down with the LORE of Barry Sonnenfeld flicks?

Well, after doing moderate business with MIB 3, Sonnenfeld (above) is now in line to adapt IDW graphic novel LORE to the big screen for WB. Absolutely no shock here, as the presser we last read for the flick described it as MEN IN BLACK III with mythological creatures. As we told you in April, Dwayne Johnson is attached to star.

Based on the graphic novel by Ashley Wood and T.P. Louise, adapted by Cory Goodman and Jeremy Lott:

LORE is said to be the story of a young man who reluctantly becomes a member of an elite secret order charged with protecting humanity from the beasts of folklore who invade our world.

Seems feasible for Sonnenfeld, but don't expect super dark material. Dude's family oriented, so I'm sure this will end up with a PG-13 rating. Hell, with The Rock, maybe even PG. Still, mythological beasts running amok is no joke. Those familiar with the LORE would no better.

Either way, shed some light below. You like the sound of LORE? The Rock/Sonnenfeld marriage?

Extra Tidbit: Thinks MIB 3 star Alice Eve (above) will be in LORE?
Source: Deadline



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