Will Michael Myers' next rampage be on TV?

More news from the rickety rumor spectrum: Ever since the HALLOWEEN franchise left Dimension, the future of Michael Myers has been up in the air. But an anonymous source at the European Film Market told Fangoria that the series skipped EFM because they might be pursuing their fortunes on television.

According to this source, the idea that is being discussed with network representatives is "limited series event, with the option being restricted to a 3-to-5 season commitment." That doesn't seem quite so limited, considering that's about how long most TV shows last, but we can't complain about getting more Michael Myers in our lives.

Obviously, this news should be taken with a grain of salt so large it could crush Godzilla, but HALLOWEEN on television presents some very intriguing opportunities. They could finally ditch the five-car collision of continuities between HALLOWEEN H20's retconning, Rob Zombie's 2007 re-imagining, and HALLOWEEN 5 and CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS' general nonsense, returning the series to its simple, elemental foundation.

Seeing how rumblings of a Friday the 13th TV series aren't exactly lighting up studios, it's extremely uncertain whether this will pan out. However, the success of new slasher TV shows like MTV's Scream and Fox's Scream Queens are setting a more solid precedent for this king of programming. Personally, I would love to see a series centered around the Haddonfield Tourism Board as they deal with the stigma of Michael Myers' frequent rampages.

More on this story if anything breaks!

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Source: Fangoria



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