The Halloween franchise might be leaving Dimension

The kind folks over at Bloody Disgusting may have just dropped a bombshell. The HALLOWEEN franchise may be leaving the hands of Dimension Films, the company that has been producing the series for over 20 years, starting with 1995's... let's say divisive HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS.

Allegedly, the company no longer holds the rights to the Michael Myers saga and longtime producer Malek Akkad is starting over with Miramax. They're seeking a new distributor and the film that was in production, Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton's HALLOWEEN RETURNS might be officially off the table after an already rocky beginning.

Honestly, if this turns out to be true, it might not be a bad move for the franchise. This could just be the fact that the HALLOWEEN movies are so advanced in age, but most of the least regarded entries in the franchise have been produced by Dimension (although I will always stand behind H20 as one of the best sequels). Perhaps transferring the material to a new company could inject some fresh ideas into a franchise that dearly needs a course correction.

And of course, that chunk of films also contains [SPOILERS] the death of Laurie Strode. If we can break off from that contuinuty, anything could happen. If you know what I'm saying. Nudge nudge.

Extra Tidbit: What company do you want to pick up the franchise?



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