Will the next Halloween film come courtesy of Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes?

Here's an item that dropped on April Fool's Day, naturally leading some to think it was just a big old pile of BS. But the fact of the matter is, it's looking fairly accurate. Some of you should prepare to curse out loud.

Bloody-Disgusting has it that Platinum Dunes, the production company behind the FRIDAY THE 13th, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remakes, is "in talks" to take over producing duties on Dimension's HALLOWEEN series. Nothing is official yet, but apparently the studio is already on the hunt for a writer/director.

A quick look at Platinum Dunes' Brad Fuller's Twitter page substantiates this claim; he doesn't outright say that they're on board, but the fact that he's posting links to articles regarding this news makes one believe that this isn't some prolonged bad joke.

If it indeed turns out to be true, it's almost a sure bet that our pals Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer - who were angling for the HALLOWEEN 3D gig over at Dimension - would no longer be involved. The Platinum Dunes gang likes bringing in their own people and making their influence felt throughout the production, which probably would not jibe with the Lussier/Farmer team.

Look, make of this what you will. I'm not a fan of Dimension and Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN efforts personally, so I can't say Platinum Dunes would be ruining a great new franchise. However, Bay and his boys so thoroughly botched NIGHTMARE and F13 that it's hard to hand them any confidence. Essentially, it's a wash. (Again, just this schmoe's opinion.)

HALLOWEEN's Scout Taylor-Compton

Extra Tidbit: Which scenario would you prefer: a HALLOWEEN sequel from Lussier and Farmer, or one via the Platinum Dunes boys?



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