World War Z's first footage has zombies on top of zombies

According to WORLD WAR Z, zombies can collectively form into a ball and roll down stairs. Whether intentional on the part of the zombies or not, I can't think of any other creatures to have managed to do that since CRITTERS. It's a cool moment in what looks like a potentially cool zombie movie. Well, based on the trailer preview below, anyway.

The footage was teased on ET last night and gives us a good :34 seconds of Brad Pitt melodrama and fast zombie action. Though it all seems really overblown for such a stripped down subgenre, the setpieces appear simply awe inspiring. That's not a description zombie-action films typically garner, so color my interest piqued.

I'm not going to address all the Hollywood gossip surrounding WORLD WAR Z because you've probably read it all before and, let's face it, we're ready to get a glimpse of the finished product. Z hits theaters June 21st of next year. The film is directed by Marc Forster and stars Pitt, Mirielle Enos, Matthew Fox and David Morse. Watch for the full WORLD WAR Z trailer to drop Thursday and enjoy the clip below.

Extra Tidbit: New Line, call me when you're ready to make WORLD WAR C. (The "C" stands for CRITTERS-- see what I did there?)
Source: ET
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