Zac Efron gets supernatural with director Akiva Goldsman in The Falling

Zac Efron continues his attempt to show the world he's all growns up with THE FALLING, which is being described as an "edgy" supernatural thriller from director Akiva Goldsman.

Plot details are nil, but it apparently centers around an otherworldly being. The studio behind the project, Warner Bros., came up with the idea in-house and then presented it to Goldsman, who is known as one of the industry's top screenwriters, with credits like A BEAUTIFUL MIND, THE DA VINCI CODE and I AM LEGEND to his credit. He was also an executive producer on "Fringe," writing and directing several episodes of the recently concluded series.

Efron is also producing the project, which further indicates that he owns several pairs of big-boy pants. Last year the world (well, a brave handful of us) witnessed him getting pissed on by Nicole Kidman in THE PAPERBOY, which is his way of saying, "Hey, I'm not the High School Musical guy anymore, I get pissed on in movies now, okay?"

Extra Tidbit: Akiva Goldsman, it's worth mentioning, also wrote BATMAN AND ROBIN.
Source: THR



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