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A Nightmare on Elm Street 5(1989)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Stephen Hopkins

Lisa Wilcox/Alice
Joe Seely/Mark
Kelly Jo Minter/Yvonne
Robert Englund/Freddy
6 10
Freddy comes back through the dreams of Alice’s (Wilcox) unborn child. He wrecks more dream havoc and spits out more \"funny\" lines.
After the financial success of Part 4, this entry came in pretty fast, like a year later. The script process was rough, the shoot was rushed and what about the film you may ask? Well I’m half half on it. Here they try to satisfy both sets of Freddy fans: the fans that like the somber Nightmare films and the fans that like the jokey ones. It does not work. I love the return to the darker tone of Elm Street, this flick has a very gothic feel and the stylish directing helps. But every time I was getting into it, Freddy would pop out and mess it up. He’s his worst enemy here, turning what could be a serious, dark, horror flick into a freaking joke. I did expect the one-liners but why are they so lame this time around? And what’s with that super Freddy vs. Phantom Prowler shite? I still can’t get over that one. I’m sorry to say this but Freddy diminishes this film’s quality.

Apart from the Fredster the film also lacks in the teen department. Alice (Wilcox) is solid as always and Greta (Anderson) is nice eye candy, but I couldn’t give a damn about the rest of them. Die!!!

Two things that annoyed me: what’s with Alice’s son manifesting himself in the dream world as an 8 year old child? How the hell does that work? The film also raises some serious issues (abortion, legal guard of a child) but brushes them away faster than you can say \"Matlock\", makes you wonder why they brought that shite up in the first place.

The story brings back Amanda Krueger, kool, but for all real fans we’ve heard it all before in part 3. The only difference here is that they show it. Jazzy but did we really need it?

The opening sequence is kickarse and very chilling, some kill sequences are good but do feel out of place. One second its serious, the next Freddy is riding a skateboard. It doesn’t gel right. I liked the sets: The asylum is way creepy, the upside down world is gnarly and the comic world is well made. I also liked the story a lot, it’s a good idea! The directing makes it happen, the mood is there but Freddy pisses on it all..
It’s all about the Freddy cycle. See the un rated version and marvel at Dan (Danny Hassell) transforming into a bike…fun times.
Lisa Wilcox (Alice) is the glue that keeps this film together. Good show young woman. Joe Seely (Mark) tries real hard but he’s still wooden. Kelly Jo Minter (Yvonne) does good but her character annoyed me. Erika Anderson (Greta) is way hot and dies too quickly. Robert Englund does his Freddy thang and it feels like he’s getting bored with it.
T & A
Lisa Wilcox’s butt and her breasts through a shower door (if they\'re hers). A naked Freddy baby.
Hopkins knows style. I really liked the energy behind the Freddy cycle bit. Hopkins also does wonderful tricks with the camera, slaps in some crazy angles, slow motion and blue filters. I dug it.
A different score than the previous films. Eerie in its own right.
New Line’s attempt at riding the wave of Part 4 blew up in they’re faces. This one tanked at the box office. They should’ve waited a while before releasing another one. I mean we were not about to forget Freddy what with all the memorabilia that was out at the time. They should’ve waited and not rush it. Part 3 did a better job at balancing the scares and the laughs. This flick is like trying to have a deep relationship with a hooker. She treats you right, looks good but then she goes out and bangs twelve guys in one day. This flick looks good, treats us right but then Freddy appears and mocks it all. Too bad this one could have been great instead of just a passable lay on Elm Street.
SFX man Rick Lazzarini briefly played Freddy inside of Alice. His line was, \"It\'s feeding time!\" He wore pink contact lenses and was glued into the womb structure for 8 hours.