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A Sound of Thunder(2005)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Peter Hyams

Edward Burns/Travis
Jemima Rooper/Jenny
Ben Kingsley/Charles
Catherine McCormack/Sonia
6 10
When a group of time hunters “bring back” something with them in the present from the past, they change the course of evolution and come back to a world ruled by odd creatures and deadly vegetation. Will Edward Burns and his kool as ice raspy voice save the day? YOU BET YOUR ASS THEY WILL!
I remember sitting through a “SOUND OF THUNDER” panel at the San Diego Comic Con and thinking it looked pretty badass. Then the film was released on the big screen for like a day, got the worse reviews ever and I avoided it like an STD ridden, grandpa-pipe loving whore. I recently found the courage to tackle what was touted as one of the worst films of 2005 and surprisingly enough I had fun with it.

Taking into account the severe production problems that the film encountered, like shooting being put to a alt due to the 2002 Prague floods and the original Prod Company going bankrupt during Post Production, its no surprise that the flick’s worse flaws had to do with its tinker-toy visual effects. There probably was no money left on this 50 Million dollar plus show by the time they entered Post! Yup, the CGI here was an embarrassment, especially for a Studio picture! Many of the more taunt scenes and ambitious creature designs were lessened to cheese fest status by the bah execution.

The same went for the green screen! That had to be the worse use of the technique that I’ve ever witnessed…period. Those futuristic city bits with live actors in them looked ridiculous! WOW!  Although the cheapo feel did have its low grade charm (Felt like a cheapo 50's B Movie), the picture’s impact was considerably lessened by it. Another qualm that had which had nothing to do with the no coin left syndrome was the tacky dialogue, the gaping plot holes (it’s a time travel movie, I should’ve expected them) and Ben Kinsley’s "life of its own", silly-ass glued on wig. With that baggage its trunk, it was hard to take the film seriously.

Which was exactly what I did, NOT take it seriously. I accepted it for the big budget oddity that it was and got some easy smiles off it. Even with its flaws in tow, I got sucked into the high octane and action driven storyline easier than Jenna Jameson spreads her legs for house guests. I also dug on the initial premise, the many semi tense creature encounters (loved them half baboon/half lizard thingies) and the zany time travel ideas! Moreover, I boogied to Peter Hyams serviceable yet engaging visual style, rocked to the winning action/horror set pieces and enjoyed following the criminally underused Edward Burns around (Brothers McMullen rocked) as he kicked monster ass without breaking a sweat.

Add to that the un-intentional “laugh factor” and  a couple of potent boo scares and I got a buck and half of flawed, vacuous yet entertaining genre fluff. Maybe it’s because I tend to enjoy bad films as long as they move fast and are action packed, but I have to admit it, A SOUND OF THUNDER made for a swell Sunday afternoon watch!

Nothing much here, we get some implied violence and some gun shot wounds.
Edward Burns (Travis) was again, Edward Burns. Low key and smarmy, just the way I like him. Jemima Rooper (Jenny) let her hot looks gap the lack of characterization her role had. Worked for me! Ben Kingsley (Charles) was utterly side splitting as the fast talking, wig whoring scumbag. Catherine McCormack (Sonia) was the only actress here who played it uber straight, hence bringing some credibility to the storyline.
T & A
The ladies get cut and toned Edward Burn shirtless while we get the same thing, back to the Gym I go! Got some catching up to do!
Director Peter Hyams is no stranger to Sci-Fi with The Relic, 2010, Timecop and more under his belt. Here he was one of the reasons the film somewhat came alive with an energetic pace, well executed scare scenes and polished visuals.
We get a pedestrian yet still efficient score.
What can I tell ya, I got some kicks off this flick! A SOUND OF THUNDER was an easy, swift, imaginative and harmless watch. The effects blew and the dialogue was like nails on a chalkboard and up your ass, but hey, even that wound up bringing a couple of giggles my way. In world that sucks so much, smiles and flighty amusement shouldn’t be discarded, it should be embraced. Will you also get some thunder off of this “big bills”, cheese cake? Up to you to find out…or not!
The flick was originally slated for a 2003 relase.

Renny Harlin was attached to direct but left the film to do Mindhunters instead.

The film was based on Ray Bradbury’s short story of the same name.