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Bad Taste(1987)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Peter Jackson

Terry Potter/Ozzy/Alien
Pete O’Herne/Barry/Alien
Craig Smith/Giles/Alien
Peter Jackson/Derk/Alien
7 10
Shape shifting aliens have come to earth to slaughter humans and to bring the \"meat\" back home in order to relaunch their fast-food chain. They start \"meat packing\" in a small, female-less town and it’s up to a few badly dressed, \"Soldier Of Fortune\" fanatics to save mankind\'s gloomy fate. Bring out the guns, the rocket launcher and rev up the \"Beatles\" mobile (have to see it to believe it, funny stuff)…it’s burger time.
This movie wears it’s title well. Not as over the top as \"Dead Alive\" but just as gross. Filmed on a shoe string budget and filled with non-actors this movie delivers bad performances, extremely disgusting scenes and a \"Commando\" ending that would make \"Schwarzenegger\" proud. The film also as it’s share of \"toilet humor\" (someone always trips or steps in something) and so bad it’s good visual effects. All is in good fun and Jackson delivers a side splitting, puke inducing, cartoonish horror film. Get your barf bags and follow the blood trail…
Loads of it…a few examples: a guy gets a hole in his head and brains keep slipping out. So for the duration of the film he keeps on losing and restuffing his gray matter. The opening sequence gross out has this guy get his head blown in half and spray all over the place but the worst for me was when the aliens drink the vomit…I almost hurled all over myself. You like gore? Happy Birthday…this one’s for you.
Peter Jackson gives a tour de force, dual performance as Robert and Derek. The latter looking like \"Rick Moranis\" on speed. Personally the character of Derek annoyed the crap out of me most of the time but he did have his funny moments. Doug Wren (Alien Leader) plays the leader like a Ronald McDonald from hell (or space) and we enjoy every second of it. The rest of the actor’s all suck…but we love \'em anyways….
T & A
No females in this movie but we do get to see lots of alien ass…(flabby and kinda sexy)!
Mainly point and shoot except for a few neato camera tricks.
Some bad hard rock and some synthesizer…forgettable…
This movie is not about art, it’s about grossing you out, making you laugh and having a good time. The gore is the main attraction and the humor a close second. My favorite scene involves a sheep and a rocket launcher…that says a lot about the movie (or me for that matter). If you sometime like your steak extremely bloody (I know I do) do yourself a favor and rent this putrid gem…trust me you won\'t regret it…
The movie was shot on 16mm and then blown up to 35mm for limited theatrical release.

The movie cost 400 000$ to make.