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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Louis Morneau

Lou Diamond Phillips/Emmet
Dina Meyer/Dr. Sheila
Bob Gunton/Dr. Alexandre
5 10
Dr. Alexandre (Gunton) has infected a bunch of bats with a virus. Why? I don’t know, I guess he\'s single... The virus made them bigger, uglier and smarter…a lot smarter. It’s up to hot bod bat expert (Meyer), cigar chewing bad Texas accent Sheriff (Phillips) and token comic relief black dude Jimmy (Leon) to save the day.
This movie starts off on the right foot, I mean considering the subject matter, there isn’t much you can do here. Psycho Bats+Hick Town=Mayhem. The problem is the movie goes all out in the first half, bombarding us with crazy bat attacks, a town massacre and some fun chase scenes that when it’s time for the second half to kick in, it has nothing left to say. All the kool stuff has passed, so we’re stuck watching the main actors wandering around with flashlights, driving around, searching everywhere for something we’ve already seen. The second half is a drag to sit through and doesn’t even try to live up to it’s kickass first half. That’s too bad cause for 45 minutes I really was having fun…\"C’est la vie\" Let’s chew on this one…
Very low. We see a couple of cuts here and there. When the bats attack, the director likes to shake the camera all over the place so we can’t see squat.. That sucked. At least the bats look kool, even though the \"close up\" bats are obviously animatronic puppets… great looking puppets.
Lou Diamond Phillips (Emmet) is totally miscast as the Texas Sheriff. He acts with his cigar and his Texas accent comes and goes like a hooker. Leon (Jimmy) is obviously there to be the comic relief, he has really bad lines and does the best he can with them. Fat people use to be the comic relief in horror flicks, now it’s blacks…(I wonder who’s next?) Dina Meyer (Dr. Sheila) does a great job…she’s the only one that doesn’t appear to be a caricature of a human being. She looks great in a tank top and has that \"Linda Hamilton\", \"Sigourney Weaver\" thing going on. Bob Gunton (Dr Alex) plays yet another nutso, he’s good at it, but he’s already proved that in most of his previous films (Glimmer Man, Shawshank Redemption) Change your tune dude.
T & A
Not a tit or dick in sight.
Director did ok, full of style, swooping camera movements, the occasional slow motion and I loved the bat’s \"point of view\" shots. His use of sound was also very effective. The Bats kind of sound like \"The Predator\"….
A few bad country songs…nothing to get hard about. And for some reason there’s a montage with an \"opera\" tune in the back?!?
This movie is like a bad date. She jumps all over you the second she sees you, kisses you, licks your neck, grabs your crotch but when you finally get down and dirty with her…she’s a dead lay.

So you never call her again and forget about her quickly.
I do respect one thing about this film: They didn’t push a love interest between Phillips and Meyer…thanks guys…you got points for that.