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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Spierig Brothers

Ethan Hawke/Edward
Willem Dafoe/Elvis
Isabel Lucas/Alison
Sam Neill/Charles
7 10
In the year 2019, vampires rule the world and humans only make up 5% of the population. With the vamps source of blood running out, it’s up to chain smoking, just say no to human red Kool-Aid, fanged scientist Edward (no relation to that fairy in Twilight) to come up with a plasma substitute for his bloodsucker pals. But when Ed, hooks up with a band of fleeing humans, he finds another solution to the world’s problems.

Fuck it, let's have a barbecue! - Elvis

After being subjected to vampires that sparkle in the sunlight and get teeny-bop panties soaking wet for the last two years, it’s hard to not esteem DAYBREAKERS portrayal of blood suckers: vicious, mucho thirsty and badass… as they should be. DAYBREAKERS is the second film by The Spierig Brothers who graced us with their tight indie Zombie gem UNDEAD in 2003. Nice to have them back in the slaughterhouse! Did the boys fare just as well with more coin in their pockets? Read on!

DAYBREAKERS put out a tantalizing initial premise. Vampires have taken over the world, they asked humans to assimilate, and humans said no dice, so the vamps decided to farm them for blood. Hey, a Nosferabitch needs to relax! A couple of holes there though in the sense of: 1- Thank Athena that the humans said no, otherwise, the vamp population would have encountered the problem they are facing now much, MUCH quicker. 2- how about waking the humans up (in the film they're comatose) and forcing them to reproduce? That would help! But hey, I’ll let it go but it needed to be spat. DAYBREAKERS wound up being a fun and harmless watch. It was slickly shot (loved the constant hues of blue, the zany plays with lighting and the stylized camera moves) and sported countless “boo scares” that had me hopping in my seat. It gunned out an aces cast as well, one that slammed it out of the park: Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe (as a quirky Elvis Presley nut… cool shit), Sam “Damien” Neill , shit even TRANSFORMERS 2 trinket Isabel Lucas showed up long enough to prove to me that she has chops to go with that bod and knows how to use them…impressive as Darth Vader would say….impressive…

Story wise, this bloodsucker's wet dream reminded me of EQUILIBRIUM and even the Ethan Hawke starring GATTACCA (love that damn movie) in its whole “somebody joins the opposing camp and works for them from the inside” spiel. Nothing unique, but the execution coupled with the left field plot turns and the biting social commentary (replace blood with gas…voila!) made sure to keep it all engaging. And man my jockeys were in a bunch when the gore splashed the screen in all of its extreme and red wet glory! It was swell to witness a movie that went for the jugular with such glee and zero apologies. Add to that strong production designs, nifty ideas (loved the built to fight sunlight cars), ASTOUNDING looking monsters (practical effects baby), some nifty action scenes (that car chase owned), bang on vampire makeup and a lighting pace that made the whole go down smoother than a shaved twat on a drunken Sunday afternoon and you get a solid fanged motherf*cker.

On the stale side of the tooth; throughout my watch I kept feeling that this one got overcooked in the editing room, having lots of its fat shaved off. Taking into account the subject matter and the intricacies that come with it, the flick got from point A to B too easily and quickly now and again. I could be talking out of my bum, but being that this sucka was completed in 2007 and only released in 2010, maybe I’m on to something. Then we had the middle section which lagged a tad and didn’t display enough Sam Neill for my liking, I lost the character there and that in itself was a sin. Finally, the lack of coin hurt the thing in places, portraying events that are supposed to be grand scale in a smaller way hence diminishing their impact.

All in all though, I boogied to DAYBREAKERS, it was tight to witness a flick strive for originality, going buck nuts with red grub while spinning it old school with its special effects. You going to chomp into this one?
We got a couple of howlers I didn’t see coming — and they hit hard — so in the name of not spoiling Jack or shit I will solely say this — get ready to see lots of red!
T & A
There’s circumstantial nudity here and there, nothing to pop through your Jeans about…
DAYBREAKERS delivered a clever spin on the vampire mythology, had a Grade A cast, tremendous gore, fly ideas, refreshingly old school special effects and a fairly unpredictable chain of events. Alas, it did have some plot holes if I thought too hard about it. Moreover, its middle section lagged and the way things unraveled was maybe a bit too simple and swift for my tastes. But on the whole, it made for an amusing and effortless watch. Worth a head lock and a knee to the face!
Blade 3 was in itially gonna have the same storyline as Daybreakers.

DAYBREAKERS entered production on July 16, 2007 with a budget of $21 million clams.

Isabel Lucas was born on January 29 1985 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.