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Devil's Due(2014)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin
Tyler Gillett

Allison Miller/Samantha
Zach Gilford/Zach
Sam Anderson/Father Thomas
5 10
A newlywed couple (played by Allison Miller and Zach Gilford) get pregnant with the spawn of Satan during their honeymoon. And what you think is going to happen... happens... to the letter. Bummer.
I’m a sucker for Devil oriented movies; Rosemary’s Baby, Race with the Devil, The Omen (the original that is, the remake does not exist in my bubble of a world) and The Exorcist are all favorites of mine. So it was a matter of time before we got a found-footage, faux-doc, whatever they’re calling it these day, version of the sub-genre. Hence I was pretty pumped for DEVIL’S DUE; sadly I can’t say that it came through enough for my sorry ass.

DEVIL’S DUE two biggest assets were its appealing leads Zach and Sam, credibly played by Zach Gilford and the oh so photogenic and yum Allison Miller. Both were likeable, had an organic chemistry together and I wanted to watch them (specially Miller, damn!). That was a huge plus being that they were basically the sole reason I stay involved in the happenings to varied degrees till the end credits. With lesser actors you’d have no movie. Anything else positive to add? Umm... well once the flick finally started cracking its whip, I was privy to a handful of cool horror moments. I won’t state them here in the name of not spoiling anything, but just look out for that kid with the camera. Dude got devilishly owned and then some! I loved that bit. Moreover there were a couple of icky get-downs and scare scenes that managed to get to me. Always a good thing. So I appreciated those.

On the flipside, DEVIL’S DUE had such a stale and cliched chain of events that it was near impossible for me to get riled up. For the first two acts, foreboding elements aside, pretty much nothing exciting happened. I like seeing a newlywed couple do all the kissy-poo shit as much as the next schlep, but this was supposed to be a horror movie, not an episode of Say Yes to the Dress or something. And when things DID go down, they were so been there,done that that they didn’t carry much impact. I was able to successfully guess every beat and every turn this flick was gonna take, right down to its tired ending. And I’m a moron! Finally like most of the found footage movies out there, this one demanded suspension of disbelief as to WHY this dude had a handy-cam glued to his hand 24/7. The highlight for me was when one of our leads encountered another group, who ALSO had a handy cam on hand. I don’t know man! I leave the house often, and have yet to see ONE mook whoring a DV camera. An IPhone? Sure. A DV cam? Nope. But hey maybe that’s just me. NOTE: Thankfully the flick was eventually smart enough to include other cameras than the heroes trusty handy-cam to tell its story. Phew!

All in all, DEVIL’S DUE was watchable mostly due to its two lead characters and a couple of efficient fear bits and that was it. Too bad they couldn’t back that up with a story that went outside the cookie-cutter mold to grab us by the lapel and bitch slap us around. So you gonna attend this one’s Baby Shower or hit the strip club instead?
We get nose bleeds, blood here and there. entrails and one ghastly cut. Nothing too crazy, unless un-shaved female armpits count for y'all!
T & A
I swear I saw a glimpse of Allison Miller’s something when she went to take a bath. But it happened so fast, that my one brain cell could not compute. You tell me!
I was rooting for DEVIL’S DUE! The trailer looked dope and any found footage movie that is NOT Paranormal Activity gets my dick hard. But alas, apart from two stand-out lead actors (Zach Gilford and Allison Miller) and a handful of jolts; this one played it too close to the vest to deliver. Yup, the bulk of it was fairly uneventful and mucho predictable. And when the shit did hit the fan, it was been there done that, till the déjà vu ending capped it all off. Huge bummer that they stayed so close to prior films of its ilk in terms of their narrative. They had the set-up and they had two convincing leads. They should have taken chances with their story and played against our expectations instead of doing the same old thing, step by step, all over again. See it on Netflix or catch the underrated found-footage flick Dark Skies instead. You’re not missing much.
The film was directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. They had a short named 10/31/98 in the horror anthology V/H/S (2012).

The film was written by Lindsay Devlin.

Allison Miller also starred in Blood: The Last Vampire (2009)