Cool Videos: Devil Baby Attack prank for Devil’s Due

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

What’s a guaranteed way to terrify random strangers? A gross vomit spewing devil baby.

To promote the upcoming DEVIL’S DUE, a prank was put together to freak out New York City folks. A similar thing was done with the remake of CARRIE though it got less than stellar reviews. Certainly got the hype up but didn’t do anything for the actual outcome of the film. Got more people talking about it though. I had heard of DEVIL’S DUE though I never looked at anything until I saw this video. Looks like another easy scare flick.

I think that more horror films should get in on this idea. They definitely make a decent profit off DVD sales so having stuff like this as extras would be a plus. But let’s not do it to where it gets annoying. Maybe if you know your horror film is going to blow then you should go this route.

Source: YouTube

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