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Dolly Dearest(1992)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Maria Lease

Denise Crosby/Marilyn Read
Sam Bottoms/Eliot Read
Rip Torn/Doctor Karl Resnick
Chris Demetral/ Jimmy Read
2 10
The Read family take over an old doll factory in Mexico not knowing that some of the remaining dolls have been possessed by the spirits of \"Sanzia\" demons. When their young daughter is given one of the dolls, she becomes affected by it and turns into a little brat.
Bad movie with an awful script that takes itself too seriously and makes way too many mistakes to be forgiven. I’ll start off with the two kids. The young daughter who gets possessed walks all over her parents, treating her mom like thrash. The young tie wearing son doesn’t understand the word discipline, is not scared of \"killer\" dolls and is quick with the one liners.

What makes these kids annoying is not only how they act but also how their parents react to them…the adults are pushovers and this whole film could’ve been avoided with a good spanking.

The film is filled with \"spirit\", \"devil child\", \"archeology\" bullcrap and lets not forget the mumbo jumbo spitting nun. The characters keep on making dumb moves like returning to a place where someone was brutally murdered (murders that for some reason are not investigated) and going about their business like nothing happened. The family keep avoiding the fact that they’re daughter is possessed when its right there in they’re friggin\' faces! I mean even when she speaks in a demonic deep voice…it still goes over they’re heads! Why? Cause you got to fill in that clocking time! Well what about wasting my clocking time! Doesn’t that mean anything? Since the whole family keeps on making the dumbest moves, you can’t help but dislike them. As for the demonic dolls, yes they speak in funny voices but they have no personality whatsoever and if the main characters would open their damn eyes, they would be easily dispatched. This film has nobody to root for! The only good thing I can say about this film is that it’s well lit and having a big dollhouse in the back yard is a nice touch. The dollhouse is used effectively but other than that this film is a complete failure. No scares, no laughs just a lot of snores. Chucky can wipe his arse with this one…
Minor gore that doesn’t come close to breathing life into this corpse of a flick.
Denise Crosby, you’re a good actress but please pick your projects more carefully next time, you’re better than this. Sam Bottoms almost fooled me, first I thought he sucked cause the dialogue is putrid, but I eventually saw the light and realized that he’s also a lousy actor. Rip Torn lets his hat do all the acting and collects that check. Chris Demetral is one unlikable little actor and smirks his way through this movie…think Corey Haim light. Candace Hutson is actually credible as the possessed child, too bad she’s in a horrible movie.
T & A
If one movie needed it, it’s this trash.
The film is filled with stupid scares, the worst being a doll that pulls out its tongue…. I\'M SO SCARED!!!! Lease has no idea how to go about it when it comes to stalk sequences, has no sense of timing, or a clue as to what makes a good horror movie tick. Some of the cinematography is nice, we also get a few nice shots but that doesn’t compensate for the worthless script.
A blah score….ZZZzzzz...
This movie can’t decide on what it wants to be, an Omen rip-off or a Child’s Play rip-off so it tries to be both and fails miserably. This is a horror movie that wants to play it straight but forgets that in order to do that you need a good script otherwise it comes across as bad. I’m not talking about so bad its good here…just plain bad. Whoever wrote this should be given the task of writing \"Howard The Duck Part 2\" he/she would be perfect for the job…want to know why movie critics exist? So they can save you from watching movies like this.
Director Maria Lease on Child’s Play: \"Child’s Play relies very heavily on special effects and they’re great special effects but it doesn’t try to get you so wrapped up that you’re watching between your fingers.\" Arrow\'s reply: \"Sorry girl, but Child’s Play was way scarier than this mess, it takes more than good intentions to make a decent genre flick…\"