Dolly Dearest hits Blu-ray for the first time next month

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Vinegar Syndrome is bringing director Maria Lease's early 90s cult classic DOLLY DEAREST with Denise Crosby (PET SEMATARY), Sam Bottoms (APOCALYPSE NOW), and Rip Torn (MEN IN BLACK) to Blu-ray for the very first time, in a brand new 2K restoration next month. The special limited edition embossed slipcover designed by Earl Kessler Jr. (see below) is limited to 2,500 units.


Region Free Blu-ray/DVD combo

Newly scanned & restored in 2k from its 35mm interpositive

"Playing With Dolls" – an interview with lead actress Denise Crosby

"Dressing the Part" – an interview with actor Ed Gale

Reversible cover artwork

SDH English subtitles

Taking "a thematic nod from CHILD'S PLAY while upping the weirdness", DOLLY DEAREST follows this synopsis:

Elliot and Marilyn Wade, along with their young children Jessica and Jimmy, have just relocated to Mexico, where Elliot has taken over a doll factory. As they settle into their fresh surroundings, Jessica forms a special bond with her new doll, spending hours with it in her large playhouse. But soon, her mother and older brother sense that something isn't quite right with the sweetly faced toy. It's not long before strange and frightening events start to occur, and members of the household begin turning up dead in a series of 'accidents’.

DOLLY DEAREST was directed by Maria Lease from a screenplay she co-wrote along with Rod Nave from a story by Peter Sutcliffe. Dan Cady (GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE) produced and the film starred Denise Crosby (PET SEMATARY), Sam Bottoms (APOCALYPSE NOW), and Rip Torn (MEN IN BLACK). It hits Blu-ray for the very first time on April 28, 2020. Will you be snagging a copy next month? Let us know below!

Source: Vinegar Syndrome

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