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Drag Me to Hell(2009)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Sam Raimi

Alison Lohman/Christine
Justin Long/Clay
Lorna Raver /Mrs. Ganush
Dileep Rao/Rham Jas
8 10
When cutie pie loan officer Christine Brown (Lohman) refuses a dough request from some old Gypsy broad, she gets cursed up the wazoo and weird shit starts to happen. What kind of weird shit? The kind that wants to drag ya…to HELL!

Christine Brown has a good job, a great boyfriend, and a bright future. But in three days, she's going to hell.

When I first saw the DRAG ME TO HELL trailer, it didn’t do much for me one way or another. With that snapped in two, I was still in a tizzy to see Sam Raimi back to the genre that made him famous; he hadn’t tackled horror since the supernatural drama THE GIFT in the year 2000 and I personally missed him behind the macabre lens. Although I didn’t expect a masterpiece from DRAG ME TO HELL; I did hope for a good time at the movies…and a good time I got… scratch that… GREAT TIME!

DRAG ME TO HELL totally took me by surprise; I didn’t think I’d get THE EVIL DEAD 2 as a PG 13 curse movie out of it; and that’s exactly what it slammed my way. This was Raimi cutting loose and having a freaking hoot again! The flick was mucho fast paced, toppling efficient scare scene over efficient scare scene non stop. The manner in which Raimi used every day things to frighten us or even the way he communicated the evil entity (creepy shadows) were pure genius as well. Think old school with lots of bank backing it up. The camera movements were pure Raimi in their kinetic nature; stylish zoom-ins, titled angles, seriously insane shots… the works! Moreover, suspense was cranked to F*CK YEAH tagged with all kinds of morbidly delicious tongue in cheek humor. I can’t remember the last time I jumped in my seat and laughed this much during a horror film. Shite, sometimes I’d do both at the same time! Nice!

Acting wise, everybody was on the ball. Alison Lohman was tops as the lead chickadee that gets spooked. She brought a down to earth and cutesy quality to the role and that made her very appealing. Same went for Justin long who always come across as endearing in everything he does (MAC commercials aside) and Lorna Raver who was terrifying as the bitter Gyp dame with a curse to bear. Add to all that an AMAZING score by Christopher Young that evoked The Evil Dead in its violin heavy nature and a hadful of YOWZER gross-out gags that hit hard and had me forget I was watching a PG 13 flick and you get a hell of a horror ride .

Any negatives to spew? Nothing critical. Yeah, sometimes the CGI was too blatant for my gore buds, but I lived. My worse peeve though was that I picked up on one of the film’s tricks early on; hence that diminished the impact of the last block since I knew what was coming. But again; I lived,. All in all I dare ya to find a more satisfying horror roller-coaster ride in your theaters right now! I don’t what else to say, so I’ll shut the f*ck up and go attempt to grow up. See DRAG ME TO HELL!
There wasn’t much bloodshed but I got enough goo, creepy insect stuff and popping eye balls to be fulfilled.
Alison Lohman (Christine) was credible and made for a lead to root for. She was also pretty dam adorable. Always helps in my case. Justin Long (Clay) did his usual “nice guy” shtick and it worked again! He just has that thing that makes ya like him. Lorna Raver (Mrs. Ganush) gave a balls to the walls scary/funny show that owned me hardcore. I wanted to punch Reggie Lee (Stu) in the face with a beer mug — good job!
T & A
Alison Lohman was VERY pleasant on the retinas, even though she didn’t drop that top. She did get in wet t-shirt mode though.
Raimi so went back to EVIL DEAD 2 for this one it wasn’t even funny. So many of the same shots, similar wacky energy and even parralel circumstances. Lively, wild, show-offy while evoking potent tension — this was the Raimi that I love back in action! More please…MORE!
I have been following Christopher Young's career since I heard his outstanding score for HELLRAISER 2 — he has never let me down. And the man has done it again here with this chilling and randomly off-beat score. Props!
DRAG ME TO HELL exceeded my expectations! I thought I’d get an okay Sam Raimi horror flick but what I got instead was an all-out back to the roots piñata of horror zaniness. Well acted, fear-provoking, gleefully twisted, funny as shite and just all around entertaining; DRAG ME TO HELL hit the spot and then some. Granted some of the CGI was too obvious and man I wish I didn’t figure out one key surprise… with that my parade still stayed dry, nobody pissed on it. The film proved to me that you can still make a horror movie that bites within the PG 13 boundaries… that’s if you have talent and Raimi is filled to the brim with it! See it on the big screen! It’s a perfect date movie!
The script was finished by Sam and Ivan Raimi after they did Army of Darkness in 1992.

Notice the old UNIVERSAL logo that opens the film...class!

Ellen Page was cast and then dropped out due to scheduling problems i.e. she thought she was better than "horror" cause of the hype Juno got her. Good for us! Lohman rocked it!