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Friday the 13th Part 2(1981)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Steve Miner

Amy Steel/Ginny
John Forey/Paul
Stuart Charno/Ted
Warrington Gilette/Jason
6 10
Five years after the original film, a group of dumb teens decide to re-open a camp NEAR Camp Crystal Lake. They are warned not to venture across the fence because Camp Crystal Lake is condemned but of course they don't listen. That really pisses Jason (Gillette) off and he spring cleans their asses while wearing a pillow case on his head.
I’ve always been half and half with this sequel. On one end, I dug the opening sequence with Adrienne King, truly grooved to one of the kills (wheelchair) and enjoyed the creepy and jolt filled final showdown. I also appreciated seeing Jason finally getting into the body count ring. Yup, this entry marked Voorhees' first appearance in the Friday the 13Th series. He wore a pillow case on his head and carried his mom’s head around. What’s not to love? Lastly the ample showcase of female flesh helped make the proceedings go down smoother than a hooker stroking you after having banged three call-girls. Call me a perv…but in my book, hot naked ladies are always a plus when it comes to enjoying a slasher.

On the other hand, the whole felt a lot like a poor imitation of the first film to me but with a shakier screenplay structure. We get a lot of copycat scenes and shoddy writing. An example of the latter; why was that badly executed bar scene even in the film? Could’ve found something more compelling to cut away to. And why was that Stu dude introduced in the first place? He was never killed off! That always annoyed the crap out of me. Furthermore, I often felt like I was watching a porno but with “kills’ replacing “cumshots”. That would’ve been fine if at least the flick delivered in the gore department. But we don’t even get that sweet jive to sugar things up! What’s the point then? Add to that the fact that apart from Ginny (Steel) and Paul’s INSANE hair cut, I had a hard time giving a fudge about anybody in this Zoo and you get a slasher that didn’t give me much to hold on to throughout.

Overall Friday the 13Th Part 2 was yes, watchable (At 87 minutes, it better be!) and it sported a couple of standout scenes but it wasn't all that it could've been. You’re call Campers!
Don’t blink or you might miss the kills; although brutal, the flick cut away mucho fast after they happened. We get an ice pick in the temple, choking with barb wire, hammer in the head, slashed throat, knifings, machete in the face, double impaling and a severed head.
Amy Steel was the sole actress that left an impression on me. She played a psychology student named Ginny who had lots of attitude and charm to spare. Ginny was an original when it comes to slasher flicks. She was actually smart, attractive, independent, sexually active and she survived…GO GIRL! I’m surprised Miss Steel didn’t become a full on star, because she had that star quality…you can always see her in April’s Fools Day. Warrington Gillette and his “one” eye were effective as Jason.
T & A
YES SIR!!! Lots of it. I think all of the women in this film took off their shirts at some point! We’re treated to an exquisite butt shot, full frontal nudity and lots of bra shots. In this one teens don't need an excuse to take off their clothes, they just do!
Miner (in his directorial debut) did his best Cunningham impression. The flick didn’t have its own “visual” voice and that took away from it. Miner did “ace” the opening and the conclusion on a visual standpoint though; I’ll give him that. If only he would’ve gone that way throughout!
The same as in the first…it still worked. You can have someone clipping they’re toe nails; put that Ki Ki Ki in the background…and you’ll get a creepy scene.
Friday the 13th Part 2 looked, smelled and acted like all those Friday The 13th clones that came out after the original. It was by the numbers, it copied the original too much while managing to be somewhat dumber. If the gore quotient would’ve been jacked up, I would’ve been way more lenient on this puppy. I say, see it for Amy Steel, a couple of strong scenes and all the TNA you can eat and then watch part 3 and 4 to gap the void!
Miner had such a good time directing Part 2 that he decided to direct Part 3 too. In Part 2 notice the cat jumping through an open window, it’s so obvious it’s some dude (probably Miner) throwing the poor feline in. That pussy flies! Part of your therapy Miner? You sick bastard…I love you.