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From Beyond(1986)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Stuart Gordon

Jeffrey Combs/Crawford
Barbara Crampton/Dr. Katherine
Ken Foree/Bubba
Ted Sorel/Dr. Pretorius
7 10
SnM freak doctor Pretorius (Sorel) has developed (with the help of his assistant Crawford /Combs) a machine called the \"Resonator\". This device creates a force field that stimulates a part of the brain, gives you pleasure, makes you a junkie and also opens the door for hideous creatures to slip into our world. When Pretorius gets his head eaten by one of those creatures he joins them on the other side while Crawford is sent to a loony bin, prime suspect to Pretorious’ murder. Dr. \"great bod\" Katherine (Crampton) becomes Crawford’s shrink and decides to re create the experiment with the help of Crawford and \"Shaft\" wannabe cop Bubba (Foree). Before you can say \"acid trip\" phallic monsters appear, Pretorius comes back in many hideous forms, somebody eats brains and Doc Kat slips into a leather bondage outfit…yum…
The team behind Re-Animator offers us another grisly scientist horror flick based on another HP Lovecraft tale. What can I say…this is one messed up movie! It brought back lots of \"Woodstock\" flashbacks that’s for sure. The movie looks wild, the actor’s act wild and the creatures…you guessed it…are wild. Don’t ask me what the entire story behind this flick is cause I couldn’t tell you. The story doesn’t really matter. It’s more of a visual roller coaster ride. Don’t get me wrong, there is a story but I just didn’t care too much about it. For me the story was drowned by the frequent weird creature effects, Comb’s odd performance and Barbara Crampton in leather.

Dr. Pretorius once in the other world becomes a mix of Freddy, Pinhead (he loves the flesh) and Mr. Potato Head. His character is responsible for many disgusting moments and the effects are very creative. It’s nice to see creature effects that are not computer generated. Ah the good old days. The movie does have a few plot holes, but none of them bothered me too much. The only plot hole that got to me was a character showing up with a dynamite bomb out of nowhere. I have no idea where a doctor can find a bomb in the middle of the night…if you guy’s know, inform me. (got an ex-girlfriend to visit) Overall this is an interesting, odd and horny little ditty. They don’t make em like this anymore that’s for sure. Let’s see this one’s insides…
Gooey fun. Crazy creatures, phallic flying fish, third eye popping out from people’s foreheads, brain snacking, swarm of insect attack…this movie delivers weird bloody goods.
I’m a big Jeffrey Combs fan but for some reason I had trouble warming up to his performance. I thought it was a bit too \"theatrical\" but that’s just me. It’s good to see him again though. Barbara Crampton (Katherine) goes from demure shrink to out of control sexpot. The transition happens in the blink of an eye. Her amazing body didn’t distract me away from her acting talent (well maybe a little). Ken Foree (Bubba) is dressed like \"Shaft\" and acts like \"Shaft\". He does good, except for the constant grinning. He cracked me up when he attacks this huge creature wearing only a pair of bikini underwear. Funny stuff. Ted Sorel (Pretorius) is from the same school as Freddy and Pinhead. He delivers a fine performance under all that latex.
T & A
Barbara Crampton looks yummy in bondage clothing and looks even better when her top is off. Wow. For the ladies: When Foree attacks that beast in his underwear, he’s in the water and if you don’t blink the water reveals Foree’s personal beast…if you know what I mean…We also get this topless broad getting whipped TV.
Gordon gives us another solid show. With eerie shots and pink filters Gordon supports the movie’s weird themes perfectly. The movie looks like an acid trip.
The score is as weird as the movie.
Yes, one word pops up a lot in this review. The word is: WEIRD. Whacked out creatures, strange performances, strong sexual energy and some brain munching. This film is all over the place and if that’s your cup of blood, have a blast. I enjoyed this movie cause it is without a doubt original, creative and fun. The few plot holes don’t ruin the show so if you’re in the mood to trip out and it’s the dealer’s day off, take a hit of From Beyond and have a wild ride.
The character of Dr. Bloch is named after writer Robert Bloch (writer of Psycho). He was a friend of HP Lovecraft.