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Jill the Ripper(1999)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Anthony Hickox

Dolph Lundgren/Murray
Danielle Brett/Irene
Killie Bay/Serena
2 10
Murray (Lundgren) is an ex-cop who loves the bottle too much. When his brother is found tied up and dead he launches his own investigation that leads him into the under belly of the SnM sex culture.
Incredibly boring movie. How can you a make the topic of a serial killing, spandex wearing dominatrix boring is beyond me but they get that done here. Filled with way too many monologues and boring subplots (did the bridge thing have anything to do with the movie?), this movie challenges you to understand what’s going on. The characters keep on bringing up names that are foreign to us, piling subplot onto subplot and losing us in an over complicated plot. The pacing is snail pace to say the least and the flick is filled with annoying cardboard characters. The fat dominatrix and the wig wearing pimp both get my award for worst performances of the year and most accomplished nerve testing show of the decade. They didn’t make me gander at the FF button but let me tell you the STOP button never looked that appealing.

The film does have violence (lifeless fight scenes) and sex (hot girls with whips)…but far from enough to save the film. We also get a whodunit that I guessed halfway through. Jill can kiss my…
Lots of after the fact cadavers. My fav being the one with his head crushed.
Dolph Lundgren stretches and plays a boozer. He’s actually decent…\"A\" for effort. Danielle Brett (Irene) handles her part very well, showing enough vulnerably and charm to keep us watching her. Killie Bay (Serena) looks great with a whip in her hand, she’d look better with my hand on her…
T & A
Lots of breast shots and the ladies get Lundgren in his underwear. Enjoy!
Disappointing. I know Hickox for his energetic turn on Hellraiser 3 and Warlock 2. Here he’s asleep at the wheel. The directing is bland, the pace dead and the shots basic. What happened bud?
Some elevator jazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…
Rent a porno and Universal Soldier instead at least with those you’ll get better stories, better TNA and better LUNDGREN. This movie blows and not in the way you want it to.
This film was filmed in Ontario, Canada.