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Paranormal Activity 3(2011)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Henry Joost
Ariel Schulman

Katie Featherston/Katie
Sprague Grayden /Kristi
Lauren Bittner/Julie
Chloe Csengery/Young Katie
5 10
Paranormal Activity 3 takes a look back at the events that led to the shenanigans in the first two films.
It’s a good thing that I didn’t watch the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 trailers before seeing it; because I’d be pissed off if I did. 85% of the money shots in the trailers are not in the actual film. That’s just wrong. That’s like renting a knob sucking whore and the pimp not telling me she has a penis. For those who think that the Studio did that to “mislead us” so we wouldn’t see the twists coming; they didn’t. It's called selling a movie; get them asses in them seats. They did the same with the FASTER and the BLACK XMAS remake trailers, but here they took it to a new level. Kind of low IMO, especially since what I saw in the trailers was more exciting than the film itself. All right am done bitching. How was the movie? All right I guess.

Before I vomit my thoughts; here’s where I stand with this franchise; Part 1 was okay and Part 2 was duller than watching a corpse dry. But I came into part 3 optimistic; cause there’s no f*cking way it could be as BORING as Part 2 I thought. And thankfully I was right. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 benefited from a tighter pace, directors that knew what they were doing (Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman who did the mockumentory Catfish) and overall better actors. I really dug Lauren Bittner here; she was natural and classed/sexed the movie up while Dustin Ingram stole every scene he was in with his quirky show. Shit, even the child actresses (Chloe Cserngey and Jessica Brown) aced their roles, lending "some" validity to the thing. Random scare set pieces worked too. The set ups and payoffs were ably executed and with a bigger budget than the last films; the optical effects went further, resulting in a couple of YOWZER horror bits that woke me up from my slumber. And although very derivative of another horror flick released in 2010; I grooved to the direction they took with the ending. Didn’t see that coming, until we got there, so it worked! NOTE: Was it me or did it negate something that was said in Part 1?

The problem that I had with PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 and that’s just me by the way, as I am sure many feel different; is that I didn’t buy into it. Hence the tension I was supposed to feel didn’t happen often. I mean why would a dude (even though he shoots wedding videos for a living) have a camera glued to his head 24/7? When things got out of hand, I was like “Bra, drop the camera and do this or do that” but no the a-hole kept filming. Made no sense to me. Things like that take me out of a movie and decreases my sympathy in its leads. The same went for them STAYING in the house after it was 100% sure it was spooked. I don’t know about yall, but I see a ghost creep up behind some dame on my video monitor;I drop everything and I am out of there! Even more so when kids are involved. Here I was supposed to accept that our main man was so obsessed in discovering the entity that he’d put everybody in danger for it. The script and the performance (by Christopher Nicholas Smith, who did fine by the way, but badly written role played against him) didn’t sell me on that… AT ALL!

Finally, the wife character, NOT wanting to listen to anybody about the presence in the house got tired and phoney after a while. A non rational reaction to serve the plot. So what happens when you don’t believe in a story and the moves its characters make? When you see it force shite just to drive its plot forward? For me? I watch in a ho-hum manner and the tricks stop working. So by result, lots of the fear ploys fell flat, I felt that the pace lagged at times (they were building up tension, too bad I didn’t give a hoot) and some of the more unique visual ploys (like a camera hopped up on a moving fan) eventually made me groan instead of stimulating me, specially after the device was used for like the 50th time (We get it, it goes right and it goes left. Let’s MOVE ON!)

So...yeah... we’re now at 3 movies in the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise and I gotta face it, much like the Twilight flicks (another $$$ franchise loved by the masses), I don’t f*cking get it. Sure PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 was a step up from the abysmal Part 2, it had some strong fear jolts, swell ideas and potent acting, but I didn’t care about the story, the characters and more importantly I didn’t believe in them. Without any of that, one aint got much. Am Paranormaled out!
A scratch.
T & A
Lauren Bittner in her undies, too bad they stayed on. Girl looked fine!
Yup! Done deal! This franchise is just not for me. But hey, to each his own! We’re all individuals with our own unique tastes and point of views; so for those who love these movies; all the power to yall! PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 sported some slick scare bits, top optical effects, some solid acting and I dug where they went with it at the end. But alas for me; I just didn’t buy into its situation and its dumb moves to serve the plot decreased my sympathy in its characters and my involvement in the affair. So the film dragged, felt redundant and when it was building tension, I was counting the threads in my Jeans. I think fans of the series will love it, I guess if I go by my reviews of all 3 films, I am not a fan of the series. Oh well... c"est la vie!
The screenplay was written by Christopher B. Landon who also wrote Paranormal Activity 2 (2010).

Katie Featherston (adult Kathie in the first film) shows up in the opening.