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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Mark Herrier

Jill Schoelen/Maggie
Tom Villard/Toby
Dee Wallace Stone/Suzanne
Derek Randall/Mark
4 10
A bunch of obnoxious film students organize a cheesy horror movie marathon at an old theater to raise money for their school. But the horror turns out to be more than on the screen. A serial killer with the ability to disguise himself as anybody, stalks them one by one and does his own editing…
A good idea does not make a good film. I’ll go pro and cons on this one. PRO: The movies within the movie are well done and very funny. \"Mosquito\" about giant mosquito’s. The Stench about killer odors and one about an electrified man. All hilarious. Jill Shoelen is a fine actress and carries the movie on her back and there’s a few kool movie references. CON: I guessed who the murderer was 10 minutes into the film, all the characters except Maggie (Shoelen) are so paper thin that I had trouble knowing who was who (mainly with the females), they are beyond underdeveloped… they are non existent, most of the humour falls flat on it’s face, the violence is \"My Little Pony\" material and the killer…how can I say this…the killer is an annoying, monologue spurting little sissy who has more in common with \"Jim Carrey\" then \"Jack The Ripper\". Great concept, poor execution. Can I have more blood on my Pop Corn?
As dry as an 90 year old woman. (I thought this was a slasher flick!)
Jill Shoelen (Maggie) does it again, delivering a solid turn as the confused heroine. Please girl choose better scripts next time. Dee Wallace Stone (Suzanne) is wasted in a bit part that doesn’t give her the chance to showcase her talent. Derek Randall (Mark) has great biceps and actually comes across as sympathetic, considering the thin part he plays. Tom Villard (Toby) is just plain annoying.
T & A
Where’s the beef? Not here.
A few nifty stylish shots but the director has tendency to be a bit heavy handed with the camera.
If you like \"reggae\" you\'re in for a treat. A couple of kool reggae tunes.
Picture this, you go to the theater, before entering the lights go on and off by themselves, the letters on the \"now playing\" sign spit out at you by themselves, the main door creeks open and weird voices echo out. What do you do? The scene depicted happens in this flick and the character just walks in. Stupid move in a stupid movie. It’s too bad cause the premise is very good and the movie has a few fun moments but all that is drowned with poor story telling, transparent characters and a wimp of a killer. Toss away the PopCorn and stick with nachos.
This PopCorn wuz filmed in Jamaica…get the weed!!!