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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Stuart Gordon

Jeffrey Combs/Herbert West
Bruce Abbott/Dan Cain
Barbara Crampton/Megan Halsey
David Gale/Doctor Carl Hill
7 10
Obsessive med student Herbert West (Combs) has discovered a serum that re-animates dead bodies. With the help of fellow student Dan Cain (Halsey), he tries to perfect his serum to horrifying results. They’re alive!!!!!!!
Based on a HP Lovecraft tale, Re-Animator is a funny, disgusting film that’s somewhat dated but is still good bloody fun. This flick is not to be taken seriously. It’s a low budget entry with over the top gore, gratuitous nudity and drama straight out of a soap opera. The pacing is a tad off and the effects are weak compared to today’s standards but the movie’s heart is in the right place and its imagination never stops flowing. The film always tries to out gross itself and for gorehounds (like me) that’s a wonderful goal. Witnessing the hijinx between Dr. Hill\'s head and his body is freaking hilarious. The love scene Hill’s head has with Miss Crampton is also a delight and pushes the envelope far beyond the line of good taste. Is the film scary? No. Does it have suspense? Some. Is it funny and gooey? You bet your dead ass! Re-Animate this!
Lots of bloodshed, bit off fingers, cut off head but my fav is without a doubt the intestine attack.
Jeffrey Combs plays it big as the wide-eyed West and his performance is a treat to watch. Bruce Abbot underplays it as the Cain man and delivers a solid show. Barbara Crampton is all charm but is stuck with lots of bad lines and too much crying. David Gale is chilling and hilarious as the doctor who redefines the term \"giving head\".
T & A
Barbara Crampton shows off her beautiful knockers.
Mainly straightforward, with the occasional nice shot. I felt the directing needed a bit more style, a bit more oomph but on a whole this is an ambitious first try for Gordon.
A rip-off of the \"Psycho\" theme courtesy of Charles Band.
Re-Animator paved the way for films like Bad Taste and Dead Alive. It brought back the mad scientist vibe from the grave and gave a fresh spin to the zombie genre. The performances are fun and the film is all about excess. Check out this cult classic.
The scene where Cain pops a zombie’s eyes with his fingers was a tough one for Abbott. It was filmed at 4am in the morning and the stuff leaking out of the zombie onto his face was cow guts…\"puke\"