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REC 3 Genesis(2012)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Paco Plaza

Leticia Dolera/Clara
Diego Martín/Koldo
Claire Baschet/Natalie
Ismael Martínez/Rafa
6 10
Lovebirds Clara (Leticia Dolera ) and Koldo (Diego martin) are getting married! Sadly for them, one of their guests is infected by a demonic virus. And once he starts spewing blood and chewing on peeps like they were a bucket of KFC, the number of infected rises and all hell breaks loose. F*ck the bouquet, here comes the bride… with a freaking chainsaw
REC and REC 2 (directed by Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza) are two of my favorite more recent horror films, they made the POV shtick their own, were heavy on suspense, gore and novel visual ploys. After REC 2 ran with the idea that was hinted at in the original REC (Zombies mixed with Possession), I was anxious as to where they would go with it in this new sequel. And now that I’ve seen it, am kind of bummed to say that they went nowhere with it. Let’s open this one’s legs and dive in! On the upside; REC 3 GENESIS (this one was directed by Paco Plaza solo) had a stand out set up! The handy cam way the wedding ceremony was established felt very genuine. I bought that I was at a nuptial, peeping into these peoples lives and celebrating with them. There was obviously lots of improvisation here and it paid off as it made the happenings come off as more organic. So the foundation was solid, I was IN and it definitely elevated the stakes once the shit hit the fan, I was ready to rock and roll and to some degree I did. Vicious infected attacks, creepy demon reflections, maybe two effective boo scares and a couple of stand out gory gags made sure to keep me smiling.

And lets be honest, it’s hard to go wrong with the sight of a beautiful bride, blood in her face, whilst holding a chainsaw, ready and able to make some Zombie sushi. Iconic horror imagery baby! I couldn’t get enough. The actors were on top of their game as well. Leticia Dolera was ideal as the gorgeous bride who goes postal once “Her Day” is pissed on. Diego Martín made for a capable, almost Bruce Campbell-esque lead while Ismael Martínez often stole the show as the poon loving Rafa (a man from my own heart). Visually, although the editing was tight, the cinematography (by the talented Pablo Rosso) sumptuously gorgeous (specially the exterior) and Security Cameras and Handy Cams were used in a sly way to convey the story, I was a tad let down that the film didn’t keep to the 100% POV approach the two previous films had sported. For at least 50% of the time this was a shot as a conventional film and being that it’s a REC movie, it kind of came off as a cop-out. With that spat, Plaza’s use of slow motion and his chipper songs set to mayhem were appreciated. NOTE: The 28 Days Later like soundtrack (by Mikel Salas ) that played in the last act was dope.

On the flip side, yes the flick had more comedy in it than the two previous films. I can’t say it did it for me. Having some dude dressed up like Sponge Bob or another decked out in a Knight get-up took away from the stakes of the circumstances for me. A bit too silly for my personal affinities. Hence, yup, this was the less scary and less suspenseful of all the REC films. Same went for the carnage. Although we got some red wet fun, I didn’t feel they went as far as they could with what they had. There should have been more mayhem. Then we had the random dumb moves to serve the plot grating me. I don’t know about you but if I have an opportunity to GET OUT of a Zombie nightmare, I won’t walk out slowly, I sprint the f*ck out, jump in the first car I see and zoom out of there, taking out as many possessed as I can in the process. And was I alone in feeling that some characters that were established got a bum rap once the slaughter kicked in? Smelled like lots of side characters wound up on the cutting room floor in the name of pacing. Lastly, my biggest peeve with this one was that where REC 2 built on what REC established, REC 3 GENESIS kind of just sat on its caboose, not really building on the storyline the two previous films laid out. Am curious to see if the next REC (REC 4: Apocalypse) will do a better job with that. We’ll see…

All in the all; REC 3 GENESIS was a fast paced hour and twenty minutes of Zombie fun, more in tune with NIGHT OF THE DEMONS than REC 1 and 2 though. Kind of a bummer, since the other two films were bleak, visceral and scary and this one went the total opposite way, but what can you do. As a stand alone, it was fine, as a REC sequel, not so fine. Can I bang the bride now?
We get a beheading, a body sliced in half, a mouth turned into mush by a kitchen appliance, a bit off tongue, nasty bites and blood galore!
T & A
There’s a topless female zombie stumbling around at some point, don’t blink!
REC 3 GENESIS gunned out a potent set up, solid actors, Leticia Dolera making for some sexy eye candy and a handful of crowd pleasing over the top gore gags! Plaza’s approach was more tongue in cheek than his collaboration with Jaume Balaguero and I can’t say I was sold on that. It’s just not what I crave from a REC movie. Moreover, the flick didn’t go ALL THE WAY in terms of milking its carnage potential, had some stupid moves to serve the plot and took the lazy route by not expanding the storyline established in the first two films; it just repeated it. On the whole; REC 3 GENESIS was fun fluff on its own and made for a decent sit down. But not a 100% worthy new chapter in the REC franchise.
The flick has two connections to the first REC. Footage from REC on a TV monitor; and mention of the infected dog from the first film.

Jaume Balaguero is to set to return to the franchise. He will be directing REC 4 Apocalypse.

Leticia Dolera was born on October 23 1981 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.