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Repo Men(2010)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Miguel Sapochnik

Jude Law/Remy
Forest Whitaker/Jake
Alice Braga/Beth
Liev Schreiber/Frank
6 10
In the future, a company named the Union sells organs and puts folks on a payment plan. But if they can’t pay up, the Repo Men are sent out to hunt them down, cut them up and retrieve the unpaid goods. The blood hits the ceiling further when one of the best Repo’s on the block (Jude Law) gets into an accident, has an organ transplanted and then can’t fork up the dough. It’s the company versus its top guy…yeehaw!
I had only seen one REPO MEN trailer before I stumbled into the theaters (with no memory as to whom I was) to teach it a lesson in manners it would not soon forget. So did the flick fight back? Yup and hard…the mofo hit below the belt at that… dirty fighter!

Looking back at REPO MEN now, its kind of an odd bag.  A mix of warped buddy movie, biting social commentary (health care baby) and celluloid slaughterhouse all sustained by a somewhat familiar premise: “dude on the inside turns against his own and hits the bricks”. Think Fahrenheit 451, Equilibrium, Logan’s Run or The Island but with a drop of Repo! The Genetic Opera in there for good measure. Yup, we’ve been here before in one way or another but for me the out there approach as to the material made it worthwhile. REPO MEN was one cynical bitch and filled to the brim with clever dialogue and dark humor. It slyly took a somber and twisted subject matter and tackled it in a schizophrenic way. On one end it would play the a “hey this is sick fun” card via violence laced montages set to engaging ditties that contrasted in tone with the happenings and on the other end, it never ignored the emotional oomph of its story or its lead character’s (Jude Law) plight.

Speaking of Jude Law, I’ve never seen the dude tackle this kind of role before. The Talented Mr Ripley this isn’t. Law did his usual dramatic, expressive eyes shtick but with an action-man twist this time around — and hey I bought it! Fit like an oak and convincing in the fight scenes, Law was the Law! I have no idea what that last statement means by the way but I had to do it — sue me. The rest of the cast was bang-on as well! Forest Whitaker put out a tight mix of endearing, loving, semi insane and scary. Alice Braga did the tough yet cute as a button chick thing to a "T" while Liev Schreiber had a hoot with his role and hey, so did I! I enjoyed the company I was keeping; always good. Moreover, big props to all involved in the look of the picture! It had a sleek air to it that rubbed me the right way! Fly shots, stellar production designs, flashy editing…baby looked good! And the razor cool look contrasted ideally with the gross subject manner.

Which brings me to the gore in the film…damn… last time I winced this much was when I was nailing this trinket and the rubber broke. REPO MEN was insanely graphic and wasn’t afraid to wipe its ass with the envelope. Wait till; you see the love scene from hell near the end, I almost barfed my Wheaties into my Popcorn. Topple on top of that some healthy laughs, well choreographed hand to hand fights (Whitatker can move-Ghost Dog in the house!) and a handful of action sequences that had me dancing in my seat (the bit where Jude Law goes ape shit and butchers like 15 people with varied weapons was tops) and you get a GREAT film right? Well almost man…almost.

REPO MEN suffered of trying to do too much at the same time hence lots stuff fell through the cracks. Law’s relationship with his wife and kid was more like a half baked plot device than a genuine rapport. Same went for how his romance with Braga was sparked and then progressed…it was one of those “only in the movies” spiel, convenient but far from credible. Furthermore, the flick lagged at the middle mark, as if it didn’t know where to go, so it went everywhere but yet nowhere (like my life). I kept thinking “go the action way, go the action way and bring it home with a bang” but for some reason the film didn't listen and didn't…at that point anyways. And although REPO MEN shoved me back in the corner and pummeled away Tyson style with its daring, action heavy and warped last block, its final frames pulled a “one turn too many” on my ass. Talk about shooting one's foot! My rating literally dropped from 3 on 4 to 2.5 on 4 after that spin…bugh….

So on the whole, yes, I respected a lot of what REPO MEN slammed on the slab, it was a ballsy, messy and entertaining movie! But one that was maybe too ambitious for its damn good. It was still worth a watch though, lots of memorable moments in this nut house. REPO IT!

This one had me squirming in my seat like a worm on a hook 69ing another worm on the same hook. We gets all kinds of scalpel incisions, organ removals, an opened up knee/chest with hands going inside the wounds, bludgeoned head, bullets hits, slit throat, knife under the chin…you want pepperoni on top of that gore-pie? Pretty damn gross flick! LOVED IT!
T & A
We get a tit full of titties in strip bar scene and the ladies get a fit Jude Law shirtless.
REPO MEN wasn’t perfect, but what it nailed, it nailed hard. The film sported a sleek look, a solid/likable cast with Jude Law upping his game on what Jude Law can do and a sick sense of humor. It also used music brilliantly, put put a relevant social commentary and sling-shot enough hand to hand fights, bang-bang-bang and human butchery to carve a smile on my face. So yeah, it’s too bad that it tried to juggle so much at the same time. It dropped a couple of balls throughout and lost its focus & steam at the halfway mark. And that final reveal was the perfect example of NOT quitting when you’re ahead. What a shame! It really bummed me out. With that stabbed and eviscerated, I do recommend you tap it, it's mainstream-ish, gore laced sci-fi put in the f*ck you blender…we don’t get these types of insane movie too often on the big screen, so support that shite!
Leonardo DiCaprio was slated to tackle Jude Law's role but he booked out.b

The screenplay is based on the novel The Repossession Mambo (2009) by Eric Garcia, who also contributed to the script.

Forest Whitaker has been studying martial arts for years, his style? Filipino Kali.