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Requiem for a Dream(2000)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Darren Aronofsky

Jared Leto/Harry
Ellen Burstyn/Sara
Jennifer Connelly/Marion
Marlon Wayans/Tyrone
10 10
Four Brooklyn residents filled with hopes and dreams spiral downward, pushed under by their drug habits.
This isn’t straight up horror but it does feature one of humanity's most prominent monsters: addiction. Harry, Marion, Sara and Tyrone are all good people with big dreams and good intentions. But their addictions reroute them and send them down a bleak path. Without a doubt, Sara’s story touched me the most. Ellen Burstyn will get the Oscar nod, mark my words. Her plight is so true and her tale heartbreaking. To tell you the truth I almost cried during her key monologue. Two things stopped me: 1- JoBlo sitting next to me- 2- The bag of "Doritos" in my lap.

The characters are all sympathetic and all developed in an honest way. They don’t really have much dialogue and that makes them come through even stronger. Aronofsky handles his characters the way I deal with people in my everyday life: What they say is secondary, it’s what they do that counts. That’s where a person is truly revealed. It works.

I connected to the strong love story (Marion and Harry), the strikingly beautiful images (loved the ocean view scenes) and the dark, scary moments (the monster fridge, I believed it was alive!!!) I also have to comment on that darn TV show. It’s scary in its chipper approach and is a perfect tool to show how we can become TV addicts and how it can influence our choices when we’re in a more vulnerable state of mind. Happy I got that off my chest…

The themes in this film have been covered before (Trainspotting comes to mind) but never in this fashion. This film felt like a depressing poem come to life and its aura of sadness ultimately consumed me.

Aronofsky doesn’t pull any punches. This is a very daring film that makes no compromises and surely doesn’t apologize for the nightmare it’s putting us through. The last half hour (reminded me of Clockwork Orange) brings everything home in a very brutal way and the last frames will stay imprinted in your mind days after seeing them.

I felt like I was watching four friends lose it all…I wanted to help so bad. That’s the best compliment I can give the film…
Just the sight of Leto’s drug abused arm made me cringe. Not much gore but many disturbing images.
Jared Leto’s (Harry) Brooklyn accent is on and off but he still delivers a solid performance…again. Ellen Burstyn (Sara) bursts through the screen. You just want to jump in and comfort her. An astounding show. Jennifer Connelly (Marion) is as pretty as ever and all emotions are read clearly in her deep green eyes. Marlon Wayans (Tyrone) really surprised me. I’m used to his "Scary Movie"-type gigs, but here he plays it straight and it works. More of him would have been nice. Keith David (Little John) pops up in a role custom made for him. He shines as always.
T & A
Jennifer Connelly's private parts (down there) and I never thought I’d say this: watching two girls tag-team a dildo disgusted me. It's not the same when you feel for the characters…
He lives up to PI. I have never seen so many quick cuts in my life and for my style loving arse…it worked. Aronofsky tells this story through images and communicates emotions in ways no dialogue can ever do. He also pulls a "DePalma" split screen kind of vibe, moody lighting, crazy angles, smooth shots and fills the film with an ocean of sadness. You like style? Look no further.
The second I heard the score, I knew I had to find the CD. It’s powerful, soothing, incredibly sad and a perfect companion to the grim images.
This is not merely a film, it’s an emotional experience. I’m having a hard time elaborating on it…its not a movie you can break down…it’s a movie you have to live through. See it, you’ll understand where I’m coming from…WARNING: If you’re in a suicidal state these days, avoid this film like the plague.
Most movies contain 600 to 700 cuts. This one has over 2000…have a blast!